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    Post Ideas about Detached Beam Spammin

    Oke, first: in the beta 1.1 the special beam cannon will be a BEAM second, (again) in the beta 1.1 you will be immune to other attacks when you are in a block-, powerstruggle
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    Should you be able to Block Disks or Absorb them with Sheild?

    I like the idea, it would make the disk's better balanced. ow, and by the way: in the show they did catch a destructo disk. There was a sidekick of Garlic Jr. that grabbed a destructo disk and trew it back to Krillin.
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    New Gameplay Mode...what do you guys think?

    It is not a bad idea. It could work out very well, but it could be annoying if there are allot of people on the server cause you have to waite a long time to fight for about 5 min.
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    Changing Form

    Maybe you should use a different character?? With Vegeta it takes long, but he transforms on Pl 2 Mill. Trunks transforms on Pl 1Mill., so with Trunks you can transform faster