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    descending while damaged

    if you decend whith less then 100% heath you will lose ~1Hp for each time you acsend and descend. that is all.
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    throwing people into other people

    Okay so i dont know much about the 1.2 melee system but still thats not going to stop me from putting some ideas out here. Okay I was wandering if it would be at all possible that when you throw someone in the new melee system, and that person hit someone else, that both people take damage...
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    bit torrent

    Has the ESF dev team considered using Bit torrent to host the next version of ESF. Since the download can be spread over many clients it would save on the amount of bandwidth that they would have to provide and bit torrent allows downloads to resume if they get interupted, good for people with...
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    some questions about the 1.2 outline

    heres the outline and my questions are: what is ment by 9-way bening, does that refure to the beams or modles? and what is pumping PS?
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    melee target box, leaving targets

    i dont have any screen shots of this since it usually happens to quick for me to chatch it and by the time i figure what has happened its back to normal. but heres the bug: sometimes when im fighting with someone on the servers, and im useing melee the target box will "jump" off target and...
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    freeza disk hanging around to long.

    when you charge up a freeza disk and throw it and then switch to another weapon, the disk will impact the side of the map and wont go away. i haven't tried this with more than one disk to see if i could cause any ill effects to the other people playing but i assume that i could cause a drop in...
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    beams moving after they hit.

    okay this really is not that major of a bug more of a graphical glitch. when you fire a generic beam or any beam at a wall while straffing left or right the beam will explode but the beam will continue the move after it has detonated in the direction that you strafe. its makes me a little...
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    second transform sound fx for cell and buu?

    I was doing some searching through the ESF folder on my computer and i came across the sound effects folder for the characters. Well i was looking through the buu and cell folders and i noticed files labbed as "trans2.wav". Now i have been playing ESF for awhile and i thought that i had seen...