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    Yeah .. So I was at my work the other day and Some guy comes in and watches how I interact with people .. tells me he really likes how I interact with other people. Offers me an Interview to work with him. So Im like .. O_o ok cool sure why not So yesterday I get interviewed by...
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    You ! Plus Anime!

    Ok I guess Its a game =p this is me + anime I have a chibi one I draw too .. might post it later. Just draw an anime character with some of your characteristics and post it =]
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    Slig low poly .. lmao

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    Work.. yay

    How many of you have to work today ? I work from 4 to midnight tonight. Post your hours. If you dont work ..well I hate you, I had to work 9 hours on christmas too [get time and ahalf tho]. [yeah .. dont ever get a job at a gas station .. even if it is temporary.. ] edit : I...
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    Itachi Wip

    Ok, I'm no naruto Expert so you crazy naruto fans out there need to help me out =p Normally I would wait till I finished the head, But well, tbh I need some damn refs, and some crits ! I dun have a clue as to what on earth he's wearin under his cloaky thing. Cause I want to model him...
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    Happy Bday Tryforce =P

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    Ok, I'm attempting to get decent at drawing females. cause I suck flat out at it. so... crits n stuff on this would be nice, Probly not gonna fix much of it, but I would like to hear crits, so i can try to avoid the same mistakes later, also Any tips n things would be spiffy.
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    Glor!! O_o

    Well i drew this not to long ago, and I decided to throw possibly some of the worst alphamapping on anymodel ever, on there, Face shot for now, more later ;)
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    punk guy! O_o [meh this ones not very good =P]

    lol this was a really quick sketch i did earlier -shrug-
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    lmao O_o

    Was bored, drew this, probly gonna model it somtime down the road.
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    Same deal as Goku and Nappa, Im well aware that his head is not attached, and his chest is separated from his arms and legs
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    Goku Wip [Crits plz]

    Same deal as my Nappa. please no crits on texture / color or the areas that have yet to be welded.
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    Nappa WIP [crits plz]

    Been a while since ive posted a model, Mainly need proportion crits for this model altho aside from the line down the center of his chest if you see anything lemme know Pictures only 107 kb, but its a large resolution img, so ill just post a link...
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    Yamcha WIP

    Crits are welcome, This is for DBA, >.<
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    Some Drawings ;)

    this is some stuff ive done over teh few years ive been drawin, The better stuff is probly newer ;) Enjoy
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    Full Time Animator needed.

    Like the title states Looking for a skilled animator, who likes animating Anything [from people to creatures] The mod is currently an open Alpha, it is an RPG, you can check out the Website at **link edited** The mod has a significant amount of code completed, a good amount of...
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    Dragon thingy

    Whaddya think? - woulda posted some stuff earlier, but my parents cancled internet, then decided not to get satellite, so it tookem a while to get it all back up and running, (now i have internet on my pc, so no more file transfering YAY, i love wireless)
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    Well ? whaddya think?
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    New model :P

    well i would say his name but well hes kinda all my fav anime chars all combined up in one lol, he looks pretty cool, i thinkin im gonna call him Vlad or something well take a look
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    ssj2 Vegetto

    Thats right, im workin on a vegetto, not much of anything done yet, i need ref pics. if u have any plz post, any help would be nice