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  1. Eacos

    Exploding Beam Struggle

    Wow, can't remember last time I posted. Feels like going back in time to my mid 20's. Anyways, while watching Goku vs Golden Frieza I noticed beam struggles that aren't going anywhere seem to explode. How about adding this feature to slow beam struggles? I don't know how it works in...
  2. Eacos

    Darktooth's animation library progress

    I remember reading somewhere that ESF Final was making slow but steady progress in the animation department. How's that coming along?
  3. Eacos

    DB Multiverse and Cellkai

    I don't know if you guys know about this but there's a very good DBZ online comic book called DB Multiverse. I've been following it for a long time now. Aaaaaand there's also one about Cell taking over the universe. This one is in...
  4. Eacos

    Superfighter mode

    Greetings ESF, It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to expand on the spirit bomb suggestion below. It has potential. I was thinking that to make this mode "funner", you could maybe change a few things up to make it more plausible. This is haching of Buu mode: So you have to...
  5. Eacos

    Ground Combat

    To continue with the idea from the Ice Wasteland Thread. After watching the Majin Vegeta vs Goku fight, Ive actually been thinking of suggesting ground combat melee, although the only way to make it work effectively would be to give it a purpose over flying melee, I say: - Ground combat...
  6. Eacos

    Candy Beam alternative

    I was thinking of ways to make candy ray a bit different from its current version. Since I actually liked the idea I proposed before, I'll post it again but with some needed alterations. Here's my two cents: 1- Candy ray no longer kills you, instead it just becomes harder to use. You have to...
  7. Eacos

    New Chatbox Boycott thread

    Everybody in favor say "aye". Jk. Just place your votes if you like or dislike the new chatbox. This is a revolutionary movement. Speak up! "We well not go quietly into that good night..." F.P.
  8. Eacos

    Half-Life Inspired clips!

    This short film is called What's in the box. I don't have major info on it, apart from the fact that it's really well made. This is inspired by HL2 <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  9. Eacos

    Star Wars Revisited

    So I came across this dude Adywan who was very frustrated with the 2004 DVD editions of Star Wars, and thus decided to "retouch" some sequences he thought needed a little love. By retouch I had no idea this guy actually went as far as to add completely new footage to the movie. Check it out...
  10. Eacos

    Help with Bots

    Whats up. I'm looking for some good, reliable Bots for Opposing Force. I tried HDP Bot, didn't work, tried TEAMbot which made the game crash, and finally Akimbot, which installed just fined until I realized that there were no waypoints. Someone wanna help me out?
  11. Eacos

    Smoking like a G!

    I smoke like 1 cigarrete every 2 days.. is that actually enough to do some damage?
  12. Eacos

    Elaborated Sketches

    Well I decided to put some artwork up to get feedback and support so i can improve my technique.. and well.. get some feedback to keep my motivation high some of these are characters for my future movie.. hopefully one day ill fulfill my dream of making it enjoy: <a...
  13. Eacos

    Favorite Mayonaise

    Well I was bored so I decided to do a poll based on culinary tastes. Mayo tastes to be exact.. so whats it gonna be? Kraft Real Mayo Hellman's (light, cholesterol free.. etc) Other (you name it, Ill try it). What do YOU like best? ;)
  14. Eacos

    Aura SFX request

    is it possible to integrate coding to make the SSJ aura to sound like.. the SSJ aura xD... Ive seen the sound files, theyre there... is this possible as kind of like a "side quest" request or am I totally going astray with priorities?
  15. Eacos

    List of Bugs Christmas edition =D

    This is a listing of things that ocurred while playing the latest version of ESF: Bugs... in my opinion ¬¬ - Crashes when firing gohans masenko against SSJ generic ball. Crashes when firing kamehameha against SSJ generic ball. My guess is that it crashes when firing signature beams...
  16. Eacos


    I was playing with gohan, and fired a fully charged masenko at a gen ball.. as soon as it made contact the game crashed. I tried playing again with vegeta. I fired a gallit gun at a gen ball and the game kept going, but then I fired another one and this time it DID crash. Signature beams PS...
  17. Eacos

    Perfect Cell model.. critique

    Have you guys seen the p.cell model for ECX RC2? Dont hate me for bringin this mod up.. but I feel it is just so superior to the 1.3 version... i mean the color on it is kinda off... but above all the model is freaking awesome... the 1.3 just doesnt look right.. i hope the team decides to remake...
  18. Eacos

    necessary eyecandy

    you be the judge! 1- camera angle 2- cool sprites watch the flash animation i made to give you a better idea of what im talking about.. and yes i gave myself the time to do this, so enjoy :P
  19. Eacos

    Stamina affected by attacks

    I was thinking that to control beam spamming and to make the game more competitive and more difficult is to have stamina draining on all attacks.. i know its been implemented but i mean to a more extreme level... say you fire a kamehameha at 1000 stamina, the attack itself would cause a 500...
  20. Eacos

    forum profile pic

    i cant see my profile pic next to my username whenever I post, i dont have invisible mode on either, the funny thing is that the pic shows up everytime I click on user CP to modify my stuff... anyone know how to enable it?