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    Cusotm models

    uhh i dont think you can easily code that in you cant just DO whatever you want you know lol
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    Does any one have tips for Piccolo?

    i use eye laser to get my pl up real fast
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    Esf Dojo...

    my esf name is *edit* okok *edit* im SteroidRage
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    Lynx's Signature Thread

    no, but by the way you talked on aim i thought you werent makin it so i asked him and you call me a $hithead...whatever
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    Lynx's Signature Thread

    i like the one with the guy kidnapping the chic;) sry bout the problems btw
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    Fav SSJ Hair

    yes majin vegeta is very cool hair
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    What Do You Use???

    i have an optical cordless mouse with a 360 degree turning hilt and a compressed panel on the bottom with a super laser mounted on the center and a pad for comfort *cough*
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    Fav SSJ Hair

    i agree with blade all da way-de
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    GotenksOwnz Sig's

    PERFECT! THANKS! *edit* could you make an av too? or ill just try cropping it but itll suck:]
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    GotenksOwnz Sig's

    lol i meant rurouni kenshin, the name of the anime is his name btw, just search on google for rurouni kenshin
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    there ya go
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    GotenksOwnz Sig's

    well i asked for 1.)dark red 2.) Rurou Kenshin 3.)Flashing text thx
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    Ki / ESF-Bot

    /me lix Me and me lix Blade /me dances(me, as in I)
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    my first sig!!!!!!!!!!!

    for a first? very, very nice :yes:
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    J3T's sigs

    first sux, second owns...can you make me one like the second:D ?
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    New sig, Shadow from SA2

    50 posts...gah! what cruel and unusual punishment!
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    New Sig!!!

    lol i wonder how them folk get the text off....*goes to photoshop and meges layers of the sig hes workin on* HAHAHA*cough*
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    any 1 make a sig plz?

    hey catscratch i like that could you make me one with rurouni kenshin?
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    First time!

    i can tell that you will be a very good sig maker, very soon if you d/l some new text and practice bgs :)
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    a.) im no mod but id be quiet b4 i get in trouble b.) im plugin is pretty arse if you ask me, knowing that theres losers everywhere( theres a bad apple in every barrel) theyll just teleport all day saying noob stuff asking noob this lol