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    Give a friend a hand!

    Aloha all. I'm playing this *** game with my friend on this outwar site. The object of the game is to make your "monster" bigger by "eatting" people that click on a specific link. I was wondering if you guys can give me a hand kicking my friends @$$ by clicking on my link. Thanks...
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    OMG American DBGT is gonna suck!

    sweet... so thats how you put html into a forum. Sorry for the spam, I'm a forum n00b. hehe
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    OMG American DBGT is gonna suck!

    I need to test something out... <b><font color="red">GHEWHGAWREHSDA</font></b>
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    Extra Charecter

    Also, if you want to import a skin for your own character, just swap it with one of the ones already on the game. But personaly I think the skins look great.
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    A Strong Suggestion.

    Am I like the only big Cell fan around on this forum? lol
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    I think this sounds like a really good idea. When you think about it, all the Disintegrating is replacing is an explodeing body. To me, Disintegrating sounds really cool, and it would add alot of the anime DBZ edge to it, and make it seem less half-life-ish. I personaly don't see why it would be...
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    Desperation moves

    Not only that, but try to recall the last time you were at 10% health while playing ESF. Exactly. You rarely ever get that low. Its either your dead, or your alive and kickin'. Neways, what I'm trying to say is that in my mind it would be a big waste of time to program that, when you couldn't...
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    Combo Attacks?

    Sure the whole idea about a combo sounds cool and all, but consider this. In order to do a combo sequence, wouldn't you have to like lock onto them? Because, I dont see how you could go into a fighting sequence and miss while the other person was still alive. Second, you wouldn't be able to...