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    descending while damaged

    Doh! i just thought of an easier way. When ever you round down just add one to the descended health total. So the only thing you would need to keep track of is when you round and when someone descends so that you can add one to their total hitpoints.
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    descending while damaged

    easy you just add a piece of code that does it the current way for number that are divisible by 2 and 5. or better yet do it only when you dont have to round down. you would use my equation only where rounding down is needed, you wouldn't need to round if your numbers were all whole numbers...
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    why piccolo is so weak ?

    i find myself picking piccalo more often since most of his beams compliment melee. Believe it or not i use beam with melee (GASP!). since i have a very easy switch system i can switch to diffent slots without having think about it; so i can call up SBC, Eye lazer, generic beam, scatter shot...
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    descending while damaged

    okay here is my stab at this problem: you are character Y (it doesn't matter who) you somehow got to 65 health you then transform with a transfrom health multiplyer of 25% so 65 * .25 = 16.25 now drop the .25 off of the 16.25 to give you just 16 remember 16 we will need it...
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    descending while damaged

    thank you for the math lesson, but obviously you didn't understand the question that was being ask so i will explain it in more detail. because you lost ~1HP for each acsend/descend under 100% health, is it posible to make it that when you descend again your character gets the original health...
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    descending while damaged

    any way you can make it so that you keep your origonal health when you descend?
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    descending while damaged

    if you decend whith less then 100% heath you will lose ~1Hp for each time you acsend and descend. that is all.
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    throwing people into other people

    Well the reason why I suggested this is, because I fear that two people on the same team could potentialy gang up on one person. For example, you thorw someone into another person that is swooping and they throw that same person back to you; and that goes on till the poor ******* dies. Using...
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    KIblob water bug. ki balls don't move!

    boy i wish people would read the stickies. it would save alot of questions from being asked.
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    throwing people into other people

    Okay so i dont know much about the 1.2 melee system but still thats not going to stop me from putting some ideas out here. Okay I was wandering if it would be at all possible that when you throw someone in the new melee system, and that person hit someone else, that both people take damage...
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    Be Careful, Someone Is Always Watching ~JOKE ALERT!~

    that was a bit mild and sanitized for a joke, try this one: This cop pulled a guy over and said, "Sir, I need you to breath into this Breathalyzer for me." "i can't do that. I'm asthmatic. If i do that i will have a big asthma attack." "Okay. Then I need you to come down to the station...
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    price is right anounncer death from cancer

    i remmember he had such nice teeth for a man his age.
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    Weapons (post 'em)

    as far i know AKs are considered antiques along with guns like the colt 1911 so it legal to own one, as long as its not cappable of full automatic fire... atleast thats the law in the states. my weapons consist of many small pocket knives and switch blades, i do have a fishing knife that a...
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    first attempt at a model - Hiei

    your model is a little flat viewed from the sides, unless you were going for that, i would make it a little more rounded.
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    SaiyanPrideXIX's New Gallit Gun Aura v1.0

    good sprite for the GG, but it can use a little work, it lacks smoothness in the transition between the pulses. but other than that its a good sprite.
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    Wizard's Curse Explosion Pack !

    excellent sprite pack for the explosion, i always thought the explosions in esf needed something more to them. Maybe the team will use something like this in a future release?
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    bit torrent

    and i would also like to point out that a direct download can also be made avalible for people who, ether cant or dont want to download bit torrent. But i always have better luck getting files through bit torrent then a direct download.
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    bit torrent

    hmmm unstable? im using it right now to download steam (723MB) so far i have DL 75% at a stable 40Kib/sec. Maybe you have been using an older version. but the main reason why i suggested bit torrent is for the bandwidth saving for the team.
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    bit torrent

    Has the ESF dev team considered using Bit torrent to host the next version of ESF. Since the download can be spread over many clients it would save on the amount of bandwidth that they would have to provide and bit torrent allows downloads to resume if they get interupted, good for people with...
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    Extream LAG while playing OFF-LINE - possile?

    well for starters, you can defrag your harddrive and run scandisk that could improve performance a bit. Also make sure that you dont have any, ANY, programs running in the background. Like anti-virus, chat clients, kazza or things like those since they can slow you down even when your are...