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  1. GreatestSaiyan

    beta 1.1 movie problem

    k, i d/l the movie for the beta 1.1, and if stats up in media player. but when it gets to the "presents BETA 1.1" the screen stays the same while the music continues. is it because im unsing media player?
  2. GreatestSaiyan

    ssj2 - what u think?

    i know that this isn't going to be in 1.1 but i think that they should add new transformations past the first one to make the game a little more challegeing. i think that it would be alot more fun. so maybe they can put it in the next, next one. what are ur guys opinions on this?
  3. GreatestSaiyan


    can some one tell me where to exrtract the bots into? thanx if u replyed:D
  4. GreatestSaiyan

    where do i extract the bots into?

    i can't figure out where i can extract the bots in to, can someone plz tell me wich directory it is in? thanx if u reply:D