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    Pics of your Home Cinema

    hey guys, figured I'd make a thread about TV's and all cool things you have in your room/livingroom. I bought this sony bravia a few months ago, wanted to share it's coolness with you guys :) don't have a surround set though..will get that sometime :O
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    Hotty Thread :O (keep it clean!)

    Okay people, me and Gir came up with a 'hotty thread'.. just post pictures of hot girls you know in reallife..and that's it.. KEEP IT CLEAN or someone will definitly warn you. the danger with posting pics is..the world is small and there might actually be other people that know some...
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    Some Billboard

    Hello people, I had to make a certain Billboard for school (project). everybody had the same assignment, to cover cultural differences in Asia in South America about PDA's. to stimulate sales in these continents. so we came up with this one. The hands obviously are different in...
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    Movie Screenshot Quiz!

    Ok, let's start a funny game. One guy posts a screenshot taken from a movie and the other guys have to guess which movie it is. Rules: 1) The Movie has to be a movie that was shown in US cinemas. There HAS TO BE an english version of this movie. 2) When you guessed a movie right...
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    Dead or Alive Ultimate with Live options. I'm gonna get it this week. just looks so sweet like DOA3 ;) people around here that already have it? also is the live option a bit lag-free, I heard in some reviews that it's pretty seamless...
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    just to stay in the scene of the 'unexplainable' with the ghosts and the 'mind is a wonderfull thing' thread. I read in the 'the mind is a wonderfull thing' thread someone mention Lucid Dreaming, which I've read about aprox 1.5 years ago. which kinda triggered me into making this thread. I...
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    Weird Case

    ok, well I just had a friend over at my house. and he was like 'Chris (which is my realname 'Christian'), we need to talk' and I was like 'about what'. then he told me he had kissed my ex-girlfriend and that the 'relationship' might go further than just a one-night kiss etc, I didn't...
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    Hottest guy in ESF!! Girls can vote (heck so can guys)

    ok I was bored, and thought this would be fun. to have a little 'competition' who is the cutest/hottest whatever on the forums :] *EDIT* I added the poll later on, and people can still post their pic, and i'll edit the poll so your name will be up. /*EDIT* so anyway, i'll start. here's my...
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    Very important Vote (concerning all forum members)

    ok, for a while now i've been trying to get a :O smilie (a .gif picture that is) on the forums. however it still hasn't happened. so vote here if you want a :O smilie or not and also post the :O smilie you want. (I know there are thousands of different :O smilies around). so we can pic the...
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    This was seriously not meant to be :(

    Ok, for those who don't know. I was on a vacation. to turkey. (alanya). I had this great time, went there with 2 of my friends. so like a lot of young people do. we went out at a night. to this club called James Dean. anyway it was fun etc, club looked very nice. hot girls everywhere...
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    omgomg how many DVD's do you have!

    topic says it all. how many dvd's. AND NAME THEM :) #34: American History X American Pie: The Wedding Animatrix Blade The Cell Chicken Run Eraser The Excorcist Fight Club Final Fantasy Finding Nemo Gladiator The Haunting Hollowman The Horse Whisperer Ice Age Lethal...
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    Spiderman 2 sig :O

    hello, I made this sig. critz & comments welcome. I believe i'm the first with a spiderman 2 sig now ;) EDITTED first version: second version:
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    Euro 2004: who's gonna win it!

    like the topic says: I think Holland is gonna win, because i'm dutch and we all know all dutch people always become high of themselves whenever we win a few matches :p we don't know the outcome of Denmark vs Czech i'm putting those two in it aswell.
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    he's 20 now (atleast in holland, it's 00:00). so have a good one mate. enjoy being 20. just one year away from the oh' so great 21. invite some girls over, and have a good time with friends ;)
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    Troy Good or bad? ** might contain spoilers **

    I just went to Troy, and personally I thought it was quite good. wasnt as good as gladiator imo, some fights could have been a bit better. but achilles and hector ownt quite a lot. first fight with achilles just rawks, if you still have to go see it. the movie is quite worth it, but don't expect...
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    Judge's Day off (with friends)

    hehe was close to being pissed, and made these nice foto's in a shop :) enjoy ^^ thats my normal me when I didnt have too much beer ;) ^^ thats me, dont ask ;) ^^ friend of mine :) ^^ me fixing the plants ^^ my the plant ^^ nuff said ;)...
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    Samurai Sig by Judge

    <img src="" border="1"> was a bit inspired by 1m4's sig (though I think he did a nicer job than me :)). didnt really like how it came out, I guess its not bad. but it's not how I saw it in my head. crits/comments
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    Perseus (a story written by me)

    Hey all, I wrote a story. it's not done yet, but I figured I would post part 1 of the story :) I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it, if you dont tell me why not in a post and I might take it into consideration to change things in it :) Perseus ‘Go, go, go!’ Two silhouets are...
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    Final Gate wallpaper

    hey I made this wallpaper, I don't think its done yet, and I do want to improve some stuff.. But before I do, I want some crits. bad crits, good crits, everything goes :) the more oppinions, the better.
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    The Matrix Revolutions Screenshots

    Hey, I made a small 'site' with screenies from matrix revolutions. its 8 pages long, so check it if you're interested: