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    Just a question, when they wished everyone who was killed by Freiza alive, why didnt all the Saiyans come back??? Just a thought
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    KI Attacks

    I dont see what ppls problems are. I for one like KI more melee. PPl get mad cause they can't stop sthe KI. Yea BLOCK THE DARN THING. I hate melee its a waste of patheltic time. KI is just a way of finishing off a battle for me. It gets the job dont when it need to be done. I mean you didnt see...
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    Beta 1.1 sux!

    I know it is just 1 of thier versions, but the thing is not that great. All you n00bs are sayin YEA ITS AWESOME. Well your momma should smack ya'll all they added was moves fore really Goku (yea Vegeta gets1 and and Trunks gets his *** sword)You all can be haters and reply sinfully but the fact...
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    How Do I Install It

    I have no ideal how to install it my brother did the 1.0 and I have no idea PLEASE TELL ME!
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    Melee idea

    in your up coming version I think a good I ideal for melee, should be like in Budokai, but when both player attck each other they go into the super fast style and have to quickly click the mouse, and whoever is the fastest gets to apply the damage. But the should only last for like a 10 second...
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    Ever Wonder

    Did you ever notice they never take any fat hostages? You never see a guy coming out of Lebanon going: I was held hostage for seven months and I lost 175 pounds, I feel good and I look good and I learned self-discipline. That's the important thing
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    Did you know????

    I only got 2 things to talk about some people will diasgree with me but if they go back and watch DBZ they will see. 1. Freiza did kill Goku eveyone. All say he did not! But remeber Freiza knocks Goku in the lava during the Namek fight. And Gohan comes to see gets pissed off and beats the...
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    Beta 1.1??

    are the transformations complete in the new version, like all forms??
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    New Attck

    I think that they should put that multi disc attack that Krillin uses on Freiza in with Krillin. The one big disc that spilts into a ton of tiny disc in whcih the progress cuts a part of Freiza's tail off. I just thought it would tight, thnx
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    Goku Beta 1.1

    I think they should put Goku's KaoKan in 1.1. It was his main move until he turned SSJ
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    New Characters

    I think tgat they should put new characters in the new program. Its great that each character is gonna have new stuff but the same few that is on now is getting boring. O yeah when Piccolo transforms he should get his cape and hat and stuff back. Heres some you should put in. 1.Brolly...
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    Beta 2

    i was wondering when Beta2 was commin out?