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  1. Goten-son

    need opinions/facts

    ok i am upgrading my pc soon, but im torn between this, get the 7800 GTX or the Radeon X1800 XT when it comes out (NOV 5).....from what i can see nvidia's is the best for doom 3 and such, but radeon is better for half life 2 and such. from what i saw when the 7800 GTX beat the radeon it was...
  2. Goten-son

    one adware/spyware i cant get out

    hey dunno if any of you guys had trouble with this before but keeps giving me pop ups! i run spybot spyhunter and adaware and it never gets totally cleaned out! i have tried googling and always get the same registry editing results which ive tried and the strings arent in the...
  3. Goten-son

    Spekaer help please

    Hey, i bought a set of Z 640 5.1 speakers (logitech) yesterday, and when i unhooked my old ones and hooked these up theres no sound from the rear speakers >< and yes my settings are set to 5.1 in sounds and audio devices. i also dont get ANY sound from them even when watching DVD's in WMP...
  4. Goten-son

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

    anyone pick up this game yet? its much better then i not far but im not at the begginning im pretty much int he middle but this is definitely worth a pick up to fill in some holes from the secret ending and some stuff you wanted to know for KH2, also its a must if you want to be...
  5. Goten-son

    little help please

    is it possible to convert a 3d max 6 or 7 file into a 3d max 5 file my friend cant open a model made in 3dmax 6 is there any way around this? or does discreet have an update out there for the 3dmax 5 people to use to open up models from 6 or 7? i ask that cause i always get lost on discreets...
  6. Goten-son

    Windows Themes

    just wondering if anyone can point out any good sites with windows xp themes without installing another shell program to run it.....if it comes ot that with a theme i like then i will lol but can anyone post some sites i can find some good themes at....atm im currently looking for a Super Mario...
  7. Goten-son

    Half life 2 help please

    well i got the coupon with my 9600XT when i built my pc, and today i downloaded the game from steam and registered my key and got it installed but when i boot it up it sits at the loading screen and freezes.....any fixes? AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83 GHZ ATI Radeon X800 Pro 256MB 1 gig of ram...
  8. Goten-son

    Should i switch my sig to this one?

    change to this one: or keep my current. keep in mind A ) i didnt care how the font looked on teh sig lol and B) i dont have many fonts to work with since i havent done much graphics lately.....any way c&c welcome but i dont have the psd anymore but nice to know what could be done for...
  9. Goten-son

    Viewtiful jo anime

    has anyone seen the episodes> the nimation is awsome and original just like the game! ^_^ does anyone know any fansubbing groups that are working on this anime now? ( i am NOT asking for links to the groups sites just names) EDIT: so sorry i just re read the rules and i saw no mentioning...
  10. Goten-son

    Alter the advertising rule some

    maybe add a sticky to the off topic section where people may post their websites, like a link and a short paragraph, so if members get bored they can check out some of the cool sites =)
  11. Goten-son

    Found something that might help noobs and pro's this has just been started, it seems like a pretty promising site (not mine btw) but it has a pretty good texture tutorial to help noobs start out if they wanna know how to make textures. it also says it wille have textures coming soon, i found it...
  12. Goten-son

    Dunno if this is a bug but...

    ok i was just playing esf, and some guy with a wierd name like )()()()()()()(;SSJ4Goku()()()() something liek that when he did advanced melee he literally did over 100 direction keys!, and also he had a speed cheat to i think because he was zooming around the map very very fast but he had a ping...
  13. Goten-son

    CS bots for a dedicated server

    anyone know of any good bots for my friends dedicated server? he cant get any to work that he tries.
  14. Goten-son

    Just a lil humor for this part lol well this is a flash for steam but the rules basicly apply the same for here lol so for those just joining welcome and watch that flash for some helpful info =)
  15. Goten-son


    Google has released a Gmail notifier that is pretty good. it sits in ur toolbar and when you get new mail it pops up saying u got new mail. also works with those "mailto:" links on webpages!
  16. Goten-son

    Anyone have these speakers? I am thinkin of gettin those speakers, since the subwoofer on this set is starting to make a horrible buzzing sound on high bassed stuff...
  17. Goten-son

    Doom 3 screen saver

    Hey i was browsing the web and came across this cool screen saver on a forum and thought i would post it here for you guys. its of the UAC system locked screen you see on the computers in the doom 3 game, pretty good screen saver heh here it is...
  18. Goten-son

    When you know ID is going to far with reality...

    <img src=""> Yea is it just me or did they try to make this game TO realistic? lol
  19. Goten-son

    teleport suggestion

    not sure if this is in teh game (or even suggested) but it would be cool if as you assend you can teleport farther with the same amount of ki, it makes sense if you think about it. it doesnt take explain either (or i hope not lol) but it would help make people want to asscend lol so what do...
  20. Goten-son

    FINALLY! lol

    Well last night i graduated =) i was missing 1 class and made it up in summer school and they had a summer school graduation cerimoney. it wasnt long (about 2 hours) but it was nice. a cap hit me in the head lol but its all just looked ghetto because everyone was from a different...