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  1. OneWingedAngel

    "Break Up"

    I just finished a poem/song on Break ups and I'm gonna post it. +++++++ Hard Part By: Alan I should of tried more to make it last But now I see we just moved to fast I couldn't help as hard as I tried I know it hurts and your gonna cry. I tried, I failed and, you cried I'm...
  2. OneWingedAngel


    These are lyrics not Mod Yelling LOL. +++ Abuse +++ By: Alan I can no longer take this **** from you or anyone else. I've gone through this long enough I'm here to make a stand You take it all out of me I don't get a damn thing back in return What am I to do I fear every moment Im...
  3. OneWingedAngel

    Drowning pool.... Tributes

    I took some itme to make a tribute for Dave he died so young.
  4. OneWingedAngel

    My Lyrics.

    Hey, I wrote 3 songs and I was wondering what you guys think. Night Life We can't go wrong this time The people scream as the end comes near A terrible silence as people fear But then a black shadow consumes our souls (Chorus) Notthing but hatred and...
  5. OneWingedAngel


    Okay I'm planning to reformat but I do not know where to go so I need help. I have Pentium 3 Cicero with windows ME 866 MHZ 27Gigs Where do I goto reformat thanks bye
  6. OneWingedAngel

    Another again!

    Ok this is a poll just to see which is better Nintendo or Sony. notthing with SeGa cause there dead now (damnit they were good) ok so dun fight little ones
  7. OneWingedAngel

    Final Fantasy Evo.

    Hey, Well I'm a mod on a FF Forum but there new and hae like 35 members but its not very active so I thought I could post the URL and try to get somemore traffic. There looking for mods so if you want to just PM an Admin and state which forum you want to MOD (one...
  8. OneWingedAngel


    Ok I was wondering how you can make an Image kinda fade into the background or blend I guess you could say. Please help me I'm useing Photoshop 7
  9. OneWingedAngel


    Hey, Umm I noticed you guys in the Known Bugs Thread theres one about getting stuck in first person I know this has happened to me. But it only happens to me when I'm up near a wall I'm assuming its because of the wall and the camera stops before it goes into third person(Hits the wall and makes...
  10. OneWingedAngel

    Sig should Me use?

    I'm wondering which Sig should I use so i'll post a poll
  11. OneWingedAngel


    Well this has propally been ask but I do not care I have a question.How many transformations will there be? not in Beta but when you finished the mod I was thinkign there could be 3 for each person...... Goku: SSJ,SSJ,SSJ3 Vegeta:SSJ,USSJ,SSJ2 Trunks:SSJ,USSJ,SSJ2 Gohan:SSJ,SSJ2,Mystic...
  12. OneWingedAngel


    Hello I was wodering if any of you know of a good program(s) that can be used to make music videos (Anime ones) I do not want there sites or anything i just want the programs name please and thank you
  13. OneWingedAngel


    Where did the topic i had going disapear to anyways just post your stuff here about it... i guess
  14. OneWingedAngel

    My Lain Sig :D

    Well i took some time and created this sig towards Lain so here it is Put your input towards it
  15. OneWingedAngel

    what do you guys think?

    Well you all know the situation that the states are in with the "War on Terrorism" and trying to aid in the war between Isreal and Palistians. But i just herd they plan to invade Iraq which will increase gas prices and much more. But When this/If it happens what do you guys think the outcome...
  16. OneWingedAngel

    More, More, more of me....

    LOL i relize i'm posting alot but i'm bored out of my mind i'm just sitting here listening to my new Linkin Park CD so... anyways... I was wondering if any of you believe people meet for a reason? Its a long story about why i'm asking this but I dun think anyone cares what it is so I won't...
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    I got my account working on deviant art its I relize this is not in right topic but more traffic this way ofcourse :P
  18. OneWingedAngel

    Uhh Stuff...

    Umm... Yeah I know this chick on MSN and shes the same age as me and lives near me (well an hour away) I have yet to meet her but I've chatted with her for a Year and a half and umm I think I got a crush on her but see I only know her through MSN and I dun think it'd work or anything... what do...
  19. OneWingedAngel

    Site Help

    Ok I created a layout on PS7 and uploaded it into Angelfire. But i wanna use some Flashbuttons i got but i have no idea how to "Install" them into my site. Please i need what ever advice you can give me on this. Thank you, Bye
  20. OneWingedAngel

    Final Fantasy 7 Characters

    Hey, I was just sitting around my house doing notthing and i decided to post a poll sense alot of ppl enjoy FF7 I thought i'd do a lil poll on it and i do not care if someone already did this. My fav character is Cloud why is he my fav well because his personality is identical to mine in many...