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  1. maxigt

    Ssj3 Goku

    I have completed a ssj 3 Goku, but I can't put screenies in because of my download limit, so can someone give me there e-mail address and I'll send it to you. And it hasn't been skinned so if you give me your e-mail addres, please say if you want to host it or skin it. I had made a skin but I...
  2. maxigt

    What mod is DMZ?

    What is DMZ? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  3. maxigt

    dragon summoning, ahhhhhhhhhhh

    Iwent to summon the dragon for the first time, and it performed an illegal operation. WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!?!
  4. maxigt

    Kamehameha spite help

    Does anyone know which bone goku's kamehameha is attached to:confused: I need to know so I can do Vegetto's (japanese) Anyendapura.
  5. maxigt

    Vegeta in goku's clothes.

    Have a look at it: Like it. (NOTE: This is NOT a model! My milkshape has expired;(! So I can't save. So I just make images.)
  6. maxigt

    Ussj Vegeta that will or won't happen

    I made a ussj Vegeta, but my Milkshape 3D has expired, so I couldn't save it. One day I might (finally! YAY!) get the full version. But it may take a while. :cry: Here is what it looked like: <center>Original SSJ USSJ </center> Oh yea, credit to the ESF team, it's the...
  7. maxigt


    How do I create gloing text and scrolling text? And what does thae tag CODE do?
  8. maxigt

    My avatar.

    Who likes my avatar that I made? :confused: :confused:
  9. maxigt

    .BSF map file

    How do I open the ESF map file (.BSF) in worldcraft:confused:
  10. maxigt

    Connection problems?!?

    HELP! Whenever I try to join a server, I says "You cannot connect to a server which is operating under a different protocol version". ;( And when I try to create a new one, it performes an illegal operation. ;(
  11. maxigt

    What's AIM?

    Can someone tell me what AIM is? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  12. maxigt

    Decompile in milkshape.

    How do I decompile a moldel with milkshape 3D? When I try Importing the file in nothing happens.:cry:
  13. maxigt

    Help! Pallets Missing?!?!

    AHHHHHHHHH!!! When I try to start a new game, it says I'm missing sprites for the charicters!?! How can I fix this because I waited six hours for it to download... AND THEN IT JUST SAYS THAT..... I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE STUPID GAME!?!?!?!?!?! @#!?$!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
  14. maxigt

    A Goten Model.........

    Does anyone have a decent Goten model that I can download? Just send in a post with the link and picture on it! Or you can e-mail me at [redacted]. Even if it's bad I sill wanna see it! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: