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    ESF Kidz

    Hey Ok We All Got Scared But Enough With The Freakin Same Posts Over And Over!!! I Got Scared For 6 Secs.... I Got Scared For 10... I Wish Hibiki Would Close This Like He Closes All The Other Good And Obnoxious Forums LoL
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    ESF Kidz

    Ahh I Knew Those Models Where To Ugly To Be True!!! Yuck!
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    Servers Just Keep Dropping People!

    I Don't Know Why... but I'll Tell You My Broadband Specs... [email protected] Cable (Connected To Firewall/Router to 4Ports) I Know It Must Be Th Firewall But I Think I Already Bypassed It... The Router Is A Netgear... And I Host Dedicated's On Other Computers. And I Can Only Find My (Dedicated) Server...
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    Scouter Idea

    But Blade... I'm The Most Fanatic About DBZ... I Really Like To See that In The Game... I Love That Scouter... You Should See It As I Explained Above? Would You get Blasted?
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    1st person scouter

    :idea:I Like This Idea... I Also Would Like Something Like This Aswell Maybe They Can Join It Up To Be Some Sort of A Super Scouter :idea: Click here For My Idea Thanks, Grunt:idea:
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    Well... I Guess Everyone Loves Vegitto... Well ESF Team...Any Signs Of Maybe Putting In More Characters In Future Releases?
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    Scouter Idea

    No... thats Why We Add A New Bar... You Know The PL Bar... There Will Be A Like (Thinking) What You Appear Bar... AL (Appearance Level) Thats What You Will Look Like When You Aren't Flying Etc... And Depending Of The Ammounts You Decrease Your Real PL It Will Take Longer To Regain it... So Say...
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    Beam Camera

    Hi.. I Was Just Playing On My Dedicated Server (Australian Cable Server [Go Now And Play Cya There]. And I Was Practicing Beams... And When I Could'nt Like Control The Beam I Thought That We Can Maybe Add A Little Camera on The Top left Corner So When You Fire Or Charge A Beam You Can See It At...
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    The Poll Is Up... Vote There... There's Always Going To Be More Yes Than No... It's A Known Fact... Vegetto Is The Best Guy I've Seen in DBZ So Instead Of Fighting With Eachother Just Vote...
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    High Quality Models Option

    Hi... I've Found Something Wrong With This Feature... Might Be that They Didnt Make High Quality Aura Models.. So When You Click On High Quality... And You Transform... You Can't See The Aura Or Special Effects. So If Anyone Has That Problem Same As I. I Hope This Helps.
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    Scouter Idea

    But What About The Thrill Of Being Silent... Like In Namek When Gohan Knew They Coudn't Take On Vegeta... So Lower PL Levels Will Have A Chance... Seeing If You Were Gohan And Namek... And Coudn't Take On Vegeta, Or Frieza (God Thank Those Nameks Who Blew Those Scouters) Would You Go In And Get...
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    Ok I Removed The Sig... Jeez You Should Tell Everyone Else Who Has It Off... Because I Got That idea From Them... And Yeah... All Those Characters Played An Important Role...
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    Importing Characters

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=Red, strength=#+8)>No It Aint... Look They Made The Game Good As It Is.. We Are Waiting For Characters And Bug Fixes...</TABLE> <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=Green, strength=#+2)>Not Extra Work For The Team... Be Happy That They Are Actually Doing This...</TABLE>...
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    Well I Reckon We Should Really Add Vegitto... Veggito Is Really A Main Character In Buu Saga... And He Plain Looks Kewl!!!. You Can Even Fuse With Your Team Mem.... Ahh Ruled Out... You Can't Also Be Very Long To make... Mb You Should Just Make Him A Character And Just Forget That Team Fuse Idea.
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    Scouter Idea

    Look That Scouter Is Too Easy... Like As Soon As You Fly By... OMG A RED DOT GO GO GO... Its To Easy... You Should Have It Like In The Show, More Realistic... So When They Fly Or Use Ki Or Power A Beam. The Scouter Beeps And Shows An Arrow To Where He/She(CELL Has 18) and shows an apporximation...
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    PowerStruggling Piccolo's Scattershot...

    I Don't Get How You Powerstruggle With Piccolo's Scatershot... In The Main pag It Says Its A Scattershot being powerstruggled... how do i do it and with what beams to counter it?
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    Beta 1.1

    Where Do You get These Episodes... I Already Saw It In Australia... On DVD But I Want More... More, MORE!!!
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    Esf Always Crashes!

    really i have a geforce 4 with an 1.6ghz comp and when i switch it to direct3d it has like graphics all over it and etc cant explain but you can see multiple textures and graphics all blurred u cant see infront of you ... maybe its the frame rate... how do i adjust it or fix it?