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    HOPES for no "Clothes exchange" in ESF 1.3 and Kaio techniq as *cought* BulletTime;)

    Well just my two cents after loooooooong time:) Firstly, Clothes it probably will be as it is now, and I HOPE IT WILL BE, well the problem is everybody compare ESF 1.3 to EVM strongly because the transformations, well but EVM don't have they own models, soo people take what they can "to fill...
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    What do you think about PERNAMENT transformations?

    What do you think about pernament transformations? I think it suck! I think they should be pernament, soo after respawning you are in the same form, but I think they should be able to Descend aswell!! I love fighting as weak characters:] only stronger opponents gave good fights:]! I just hate...
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    Should there be a woman character in ESF?

    What do you think about adding any girl to the fighters?:D starting from #18, Videl, Bulma, Chichi, there was even saiyan girl, name Saripa or something like that, but she was in movies! What do you think about adding woman fighter? I think it would be great :] !
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    new option: Hiding Power!

    Maybe there should be something like "hiding power"? I mean like "Turbo" but in other way! You decrese your power, but your ki is regenerating while you hide your power, and you can fight while your ki regenerate, but your character would be much less powerful! I would love to have such thing...
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    If you don't know exact time of Release Party come HERE!

    If you confused if you don't know when RELEASE PARTY will be held read this thread, and forget about asking again!!!! And the most why you ask soooo much! You will get it when you DL it! Do you must get EXACTLY at the same time ESF TEAM will gave us link? To MODERATOR: you can CLOSE this...
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    Cell Confusing Attack

    I have idea for one Cell attack myself Confusing attack! I posted it at ather Thread, but maybe it's good to think about it, at new one! While you turn this attack on while teleporting, you loose more ki, and what it should do? Well just after every teleport, afterimage should stay much...