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    beta 1.1 video propblem

    when ever i try to run the movie all i see is black...the sound works but nothing else...has ne1 else had this problem? and is there away to fix it?
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    Beam Idea!! (read)

    ive heard a lot of complaining about how on the show they can't blow up their beams before they hit something, but on the game you can blow it up with the right mouse button. How bout instead of blowing up you detach from on the show. Tell me what you guys think and plz no...
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    Map help!!(again)

    ok when i got to test the map i see the loading screen then i goes to the console...but i get the error: domes/c:\halflife\esf\maps not found on server...its in my esf directory! what do i do? (or did?)
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    SSJ3 Vegeta

    Does ne1 have a good ssj vegeta? i really need 1!
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    Map Making Help!

    Im trying to make a ESF map but i ran into a problem. When ever i go to test the map the game loads fine but after you choose you person i get a trakerui.dll error and it loads the choose your guy screen and repeats. Someone plz help me! thx;)