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    friendship for a wish?

    what does the friendship wish do? i tried it and nothing happened could someone tell me what it does plz
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    sensu beans?

    where can u find sensu beans? i never seen one bean.....why? can someone explain this
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    2 hours away!!!!

    2 hours away :D LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGINE
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    For the release party...

    for the release party i am going to bring the paper cups and plastic spoons and forks and probly some pop. we got to get the list together so we know who is bringing what :)
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    half life cd keys

    does anyone have a extra half life cd key i could have? i need one real bad and i would be so thankful if someone would lend me one thank you
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    New Server :)

    well i been testing a server i been fixing minor things but i finally got it up so here is the ip SonGoku's Server