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    Abdels Quest mod

    this MOD is a mod like cs but imagine that but with swords bows and u buy armor and swords and bows and stuff. we need a webs master to make a web page for us but we have the forums up so visit here if u wish to join in some of the discusions cos the forum is empty at the moment...
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    My Suggestion!

    my idea is: for example: u have vegeta powering up with a power level of 1m and then goku goes to hit him while he is powering up or transforming but because vegeta has 1m and goku only has 200 powerlevel goku cant get past his energy barriers to hit him cos he is far more powerful then goku...
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    Help me with my coding please

    PLEASE HELP im stuck on my mod coding its ****ed up and only post if u know the answer. right i replaced a new weapon with the crowbar and its all perfect with no errors when i complie the coding. but when in game i pull out the pistol and shoot and it dont shoot it just flashes which is...
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    Im new and about the models

    im new to ESF and well some models are missing from the game also where can i download better models? thanks for your time