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    USSJ Pack

    any word on this being hosted?
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    Woah look at the scouter on the new scatterbeam pic!

    bad guys good guys balls
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    Which character do you use most?

    1.)gohan 2.)vegeta 3.)buu 4.)goku 5.)trunks i have an awesome gohan skin and vegeta skin so i gotta play those :D
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    is to many characters a bad thing?

    tru tru yamcha doe shave moves just watch dragonball (some there) and early dbz has some 2
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    flaming over kazaa lol.. anyways u do have some rather good ideas :)
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    is to many characters a bad thing?

    i wanna see 16,17,18 16 and 18 good.. 17 evil.
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    wont gohan and vegeta go ssj2 as well? ps: i love how theres like 3 differnet transform things... :)
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    Red Saiyan down?

    thats my point it as the only one for models :\
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    Red Saiyan down?

    damn it nooo... i wanted more models for esf :\
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    thank you thats all i wanted to know :D
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    what map do u know for sure has the dragon ballz?
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    ya but what im asking is.. so u will go ssj.. then push "z" (to accend) and u will be ssj2?
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    now in newer versions will u be able to say. Transfrom from regular gohan to ssj.. then when ur pl is high enough go from ssj to ssj2? or with goku go to ssj... get the pl... then go ssj2...3..4.. or so on without having to change ur character?