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    DragonBall (Heads?)

    Thats just dirty... but i like it
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    which ss4 is the strongest

    what the heck ssj 4 mystic gohan he didnt even go ssj. neway, i think mytic gohan was stronger than goku ssj3, cuz it was all of gohan's "suppressed" or hidden powers (what ever the old kai said). But goku's definitely a smarter and better fighter. kid buu was the strongest form of buu cuz...
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    Fav n00b quotes/fav n00b put-me-downs

    me joins a server with five people in it and its 4 v 1. so i join the 1 person noob: oh no Wargeta noob2:hey get off that team cuz its uneven noob3: stop meleeing noob2:please join our team its uneven noob3:keep meleein and ill kick you me melees again me gets kicked from server...
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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    to trigger the last mission you have to be 60% finished.
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    Vegeta really a big help

    not to mention his "one of a kind" one liners.
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    Poll Of the Chars

    i say goku. he's ok at melee and if given enough time he could kill everybody with a SB. he only needs to add 1 mil to his pl to transform. he has the kamehameha, which kicks ass in ps's. not to mention if you try to melee him when he's charging it he can just teleport away and blast you neway...
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    What may the new fetures in the next update be?

    holy crap i'm so excited and i just cant hide it!!!!!! COOL BEANS!!!!! ...
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    Your favorite dragonballz quote

    mah sig
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    Did you know?

    did you know i have a 12 inch... ruler, hehe. and did you know that two drunks were goofing around, when one challenged the other to shoot him with cigarette butts "to see what it would feel like." His friend obligingly loaded a gun with three cigarette butts, placing ammunition behind...
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    what are r_speeds?
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    Clan Fights!!!!!!!

    Yo -|DS|- i know you owned us earlier, but we had just started playin then and we are a lot better now so dont get too happy because you "got bored with us" in the clan match. it was our first and we didnt know what to expect. So we look forward to maybe fighting you peeps later. UNTIL THEN...
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    Any One Like Jackson 5??

    Jackson 5 was the junk. the singing the dancing and michael jackson was still black hahahahahahah...
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    (almost) MREL SSJ2/normal Vegeta SSJ4 pack

    why does he have a tail when he's not ssj4 and he doesnt wear blue pants when ssj4 he wears those pretty black leather ones good model tho
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    Most frustrating things in ESF?

    how about when you think youre the stuff and you end up getting owned by 2 ppl that are way better than you. you ask for tips and they say, oh it easy i dont need to tell you.
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    what are the best clans going?

    ~{ape}~ and |::Z::| honorable mention goes to {AF}(my clan)
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    PS suggestion

    what about it just being a white ball that moves back and forth?
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    PS suggestion

    so will it be in later versions or not.
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    perfect trasnform suggestion

    i think if the perfect trans is kept the way it is, then you shouldn't lose ki for transforming-- it being perfect and all.
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    PS suggestion

    this might have been suggested before, but i havent seen it yet. how about having an energy ball form when psing instead of the beams goin back and forth. for instance, kamehameha vs ff, the beams are shot and they collide. the ball that forms is half yellow(ff) and half blue(kamehameha)...
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    Fav SSJ Hair

    i'll have to go with vegeta's ssj2 hair. also, goku's ussj hair when he pushed his powers to the limit was super crazy.