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    [Old PotW] Gokowned
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    [Old PotW] SVN Log peek

    Development continues Right click and open in new tab/window for a bigger view
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    Deverz is learnding

    So recently Tom Francis (Maker of Gunpoint) started a youtube tutorial on how to use Game Maker (What he used for Gunpoint and his new game Heat Signature, Was also used for Hotline Miami) So I've been learning how to do...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day Also happy birthday to Karrde who must be Jesus by default
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    [Old PotW] Light show

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    [Old PotW] Worst. POTW. Ever.

    Graga stinks
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    Any of you watching this? Fairly new anime (6 eps at time of writing) BASIC plot is a guy wakes up to find out his hand has been taken over by an alien parasite
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    Sims 2 Ultimate Collection FREE for ALL Origin users

    As some people may know EA are killing support for Sims 2 (Patches etc) and to celebrate (?) they are giving it away until July 31st Just follow these instructions Super simple stuff
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    Mario Kart 8

    Anybody else got this? Pretty fun I think, The anti grav adds a nice element without doing too much to alter what already worked. Main gripe is some tracks seem a bit simplified, prime example is N64 Rainbow Road is now a single lap divided into 3 sections instead of 3 whole laps. Just...
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    [Old PotW] Happy Easter

    Here's a video containing uncut footage from the game, Enjoy Please note video is still uploading and processing at time of posting this If you can't wait the video is on Facebook and ModDB right now
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    Moderator Applicants

    Applications to go here Please state why you think you will be a good moderator, Time Zone and Preferred sections to moderate Not sure what's going on read this news post
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    Magicka + DLC free?

    I just got the newest Humble Bundle and with it comes Magicka I already own this so it is of no use to me For an undisclosed amount of time (Probably 48 hours (ish)) the competition will run MS Paint is your tool and a funny caricature of me is your artwork I will choose the best and...
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    [Old PotW] Inside Buu Newest render from Ramunas who's been working on it steadily since the help ESF thread
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    Questions for Ryokeen

    I'm doing an interview with Ryo about his Shader work and need questions That's where you guys come in. The old FP gave me some but I need more So fire away
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    Nintendo 2DS

    Yup that's right 2DS It's a 3DS, With no 3D and also it doesn't fold in half While I think the idea of a 3DS (that's cheaper) with no 3D for those people that don't like it or can't/aren't allowed to use it I think the fact is no longer folds is dumb, It removes the portability and...
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    [Old PotW] Giving head so hard you'll bleed
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    Destruction Answers

    A couple of weeks a go we showed you some images of destruction for ESF. This raised a few questions with some people, so in an effort to answer these I collected a few and presented them to Raven for answering. Before we get down to it I would like to point out some things. First of all not...
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    A gamers best friend and worst enemy

    Steam Summer Sale Post good finds here for others to throw money at and then never play
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    Destruction Answers

    So the promised Q&A is here Up on the main site now
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    It's an up and coming city/villiage building sim being made by a single full time indie dev Looks like it has some good ideas, especially since your major resource will be people and their well being rather than money. There's also no skill tree so every building is unlocked from the...