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    ESF-League Contest

    Well, shortly As maybe some of you already knew we'll start a league soon but we need a new header so here is the deal :) Rules: Same image size same image name same image file type color scheme MUST match that of the current league text to be included is ESF League,
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    Special Beam Cannon Sprite

    hey what do u think about it ? :rolleyes: I know isnt the best but... ^^ Trail Pic 2 Animated Charge ^^
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    ESF Alpha 2.0 Retro Time

    Hi , It's time for ... <img src="" border="0"> yes its true I've added all my old ESF Alpha 2.0 files :) if you have any other ESF Alpha 2.0 files upload them via ESF-World File Uploader.<br> You find more about Alpha 2.0 ( models...
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    ESF-World is temporary offline

    ESF-World is temporary offline, because we are permanently attacked by hackers and they ping us to death :( ! We'll try to transfer ESF-World to another server these days. As soon as ESF-World is online again, you can download the files as usual. I can only say : "I hate ****ing hackers !" So...
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    Loss 80 ....

    Does everyone know why i have a 70-80 loss if i figth or flight ? I have a 50-60 ping but 70-80 loss :( ( I have DSL 768 kbit ) ----------- Windows Prof. AMD 1.4 GHZ Geforce 4 Ti 4200 488 SD Ram ---- CFG Settings: voice_scale "2.000000" voice_enable "1" voice_forcemicrecord...
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    Tenshinhan SkinEdit

    Hi here is my first skin edit what do you think ? o_o I don't know who made this model
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    my new pic

    Hi i know i'm not good but what do you think about it :rolleyes:
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    ESF World Networkxx

    Hi Esf-World has changed to ESF World Networkxx, a multi website plattform for ESF relates rescources our downloads are currently offline for 2-3 days but they will return soon :) the new website is online, so go ahead and check it out a __________________
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    Esf-W Filebase

    Hi guys our Filebase is online now and we search files :) if you have cool models, sprites, sounds or maps sent an email to &raquo; <a href="mailto:[email protected]"><i>Max2</i></a> and we added the file to the filebase. and here is the link to our site :) &raquo; Esf-World
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    Esf-World is back....

    Ok It's done... Esf-World is back :warning: :warning: visit us Esf-World what do you think about this site ?