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  1. yogosaki

    Good Job ESF Team!!!

    Well, after playing around a little, I have tested out most of the new features and well, they were........... AWESOME!!! GREAT release, hehe, people are already whining about the loss of the easy block counter but that was a good move... once again, great job... there is one thing I don't like...
  2. yogosaki

    2nd Video...

    How do you guys like my <a href = "">NEW MUSIC VIDEO?</a> here is a second link in case the first is down... <a href = "">HERE IS ALTERNATE</a> Also, please post a reason why... [EDIT] Please comment, I want to know what was good...
  3. yogosaki

    Please Vote on my video...

    Well, the titel explains it, please vote on my video (it is a Gohan Tribute) and Tell me what you think... <a href = "">Well, This is the link to it, enjoy</a> <a href = "">This is the alternate mirror</a>
  4. yogosaki


    I just got an ftp client that will let me host my video on my computer. Please download it and check it out. <a href = "">HERE IT IS!!!</a> Please post your comments. Also, I am currently hosting it on my own computer, if anyone could host it for me, that...
  5. yogosaki

    Melee Tricks...

    Just wondering what kind of Ki saving /enemy fooling tricks you guys use... Personally, I like playing with my fly key. Turning off fly right after you stop swooping can get you all the way accross the map if done correctly, and the best thing is that while in transit, you regain ki (also...
  6. yogosaki


    I made my first dbz video and would like to know if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as hosting (low quality wmv is 4.4 megs, high quality(big difference) wmv is 10.1 megs and high quality mpg is 34 megs), thanks
  7. yogosaki

    SBC Dominant in 1.1??

    The SBC could be the new powerstruggling master in 1.1, with multiple powerstruggling, piccolo could shoot one to keep anything (kame for example), occupied, he could then put on turbo, minimum charge, shoot again, repeat as necessary, it would take a major pl difference for poor goku to be able...
  8. yogosaki

    Help with Movie maker

    I just made a dbz music video with windows movie maker and it works fine in windows media player but the color is messed up with winamp, I am a newb to movie editing so plz post if you have any Idea what the problem might be...
  9. yogosaki


    just testing out a sig... k, sorry bout that
  10. yogosaki


    How do you vets practice timing for melee? I am a newb and would like to know how you guys learned the timing for teleports etc.