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  1. YeLLoWCaRD

    Goku Black Vs Goku
  2. YeLLoWCaRD

    My 1st CCI Bardock character
  3. YeLLoWCaRD

    My 1st CCI character - Bardock All the credits goes to their respective owners.
  4. YeLLoWCaRD

    Esf Lord Chilled

    Maybe anyone have Chilled model and wants to share it with me?
  5. YeLLoWCaRD

    Pokemon GO Time to go outside lol
  6. YeLLoWCaRD

    h1z1 video massive retarded zombie spawn LOL
  7. YeLLoWCaRD

    About senzu beans

    Actually it would be fun having couple senzu beans randomly appear in some maps, or maybe its already added to the game?
  8. YeLLoWCaRD

    beams size

    How to make beams to be bigger?
  9. YeLLoWCaRD

    some bug with hudraw 0 and 1

    With hud_draw 1 With hud_draw 0 Anyone knows how to fix this?
  10. YeLLoWCaRD

    question about ecx rc2 n stuff

    Since ecx got 30++ characters, how can i modify them? for example: I wanna remove couple characters from the game and add others? Modify the skills they got n stuff
  11. YeLLoWCaRD

    New video, esf 1.3 goku vs turles

    Yes boys, no melee scenes. Sorry If I overpowered the darkness effects in the video LOL. Able to watch in 1080p The sound can be very high, so remember to chill it abit.
  12. YeLLoWCaRD

    camera angle, free look mode on 1.3

    Any chance getting different view not by pressing J or L , I or K? for example if I'm playing alone and I want to record full character view from all angles I want by not pressing those keys
  13. YeLLoWCaRD

    question about amx mod on 1.3

    Does it work on 1.3?
  14. YeLLoWCaRD

    question about motion blur

    Is it possible to add motion blur in game for 1.3 or 1.2.3? If yes, how?
  15. YeLLoWCaRD

    esf 1.3 video need at least 1 person

    Yo, I wanna make a short video about esf 1.3 , need at least 1 person to help me , anyone who can help me contact me at skype: shark-mint or [email protected] ty
  16. YeLLoWCaRD

    My Earth Special Forces Video

    I think I can make a better one, but probably gonna create with 1.3 , still it doesn't have any melee system but I will think something out. Didn't add super awesome mega hype effects, sorry guys, except for crappy scouter radar effect LOL , didn't knew how to make one so just added shit to it...
  17. YeLLoWCaRD

    Walking animation in 1.3

    Is it possible just to walk in 1.3? Any buttons for that or how to make the walking animation in 1.3?
  18. YeLLoWCaRD

    Making a video about 1.3 and other stuff

    I want to make a mini video about Esf 1.3 Open Beta I need: A server (I can also create one) At least one person You can contact me on skype: Shark-mint or send me a message [email protected]
  19. YeLLoWCaRD

    1.3 char selection

    I remember I had the same thing couple years ago, but I forgot how to change it Would be awesome if someone could tell me how to change it to 1.3 style , thanks
  20. YeLLoWCaRD

    question about 1.3 models

    Yo, Anyone have to share any 1.3 decent models? Like re textured ones or the ones which aren't included in 1.3 beta, if not , ill use base ones. Wanna film a video in open beta final.