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  1. Daniel_the_mage

    I'm Back!

    [FONT=Arial] Hey, The annoying retard is back I doubt any1 will rember me thou
  2. Daniel_the_mage

    pc joes mod

    when i unzip the mod it comes up as a screen saver:\
  3. Daniel_the_mage

    sorry for spamming

    sorry for spamming but i need to test if my sig works. if it does i got this off DBZG legacy .com:) plze ,the nxt admin to look close this. *There was absolutely NO NEED for this thread, read rules in forums in future :S * Cheeseman
  4. Daniel_the_mage


    dunno is this is in the right place but maybe you can post some more pics in the gallery sorry is this was already brought up.:)
  5. Daniel_the_mage


    how dou you get sigs on cos me not no i cant post attatchments cos it says at za bottom i cant.
  6. Daniel_the_mage

    to deverz

    how long did ig kick me for man i dint pm when he kicked me i stop now:cry:
  7. Daniel_the_mage


    Some one banned me for no reason why? i on irc and got banned by what looked like deverzs m8 i hate that ;(
  8. Daniel_the_mage


    no offence but i thought you dint ling pming deverz :p
  9. Daniel_the_mage


    This is a message to nameless specter ]V[ your DO NOT PRESS buton takes you to java hell what is it a virus? i ad ta ctrl alt del it away IT NEVER ENDED grr:no: O_o
  10. Daniel_the_mage

    Tell me

    I know this is a noobs queistion(spellin not right, sorry) but can yoo tell me wat ya so far got noo in the beta:yes: tanks : )
  11. Daniel_the_mage

    Just testin a poll

    What is your favourite
  12. Daniel_the_mage


    You could have hands in first person and they go back when you do somthin like kamahamaha.:idea:
  13. Daniel_the_mage


    how do u get the models from red saiyann working??:]
  14. Daniel_the_mage


  15. Daniel_the_mage

    Why dont you have goku do the kao ken

    What about goku having kaoken and super sain mode!!!! (^_^)
  16. Daniel_the_mage

    The damned installer *_*

    Enyone help a troubled soul My installer comes up insert disk two half way through and i dont know what to do : (