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  1. YeLLoWCaRD

    My 1st CCI Bardock character

    well i did ; D
  2. YeLLoWCaRD

    Goku Black Vs Goku
  3. YeLLoWCaRD

    Esf Releasing December ? What's the PC Requirements ?

    I'm just saying that it was an obvious lie
  4. YeLLoWCaRD

    Esf Releasing December ? What's the PC Requirements ?

    I don't think that the game will be released on 32 december lol
  5. YeLLoWCaRD

    My 1st CCI Bardock character
  6. YeLLoWCaRD

    My 1st CCI character - Bardock All the credits goes to their respective owners.
  7. YeLLoWCaRD

    Esf Lord Chilled

    Maybe anyone have Chilled model and wants to share it with me?
  8. YeLLoWCaRD

    Beam Cancelling

    You can cancel your charged kamehame anytime and your KI will still regenerate, but not instantly
  9. YeLLoWCaRD

    Most played version of the game.

    It's pretty dead, but you can find couple serve here ------->
  10. YeLLoWCaRD

    [Old PotW] POTW - 12/5/15

    Is it just me, or his left leg looks really weird?
  11. YeLLoWCaRD

    Why don't you just release it?

    It's just funny, people who cry all the time and asks the same questions over and over again probably doesn't have any games to play LOL, by the way, remember, that the game developers also have other things to do in their lives
  12. YeLLoWCaRD

    Some Ram's art.

    Make him a bit younger!
  13. YeLLoWCaRD

    Another live-action adaptaion - Dragon Ball Z : The Fall of Men

    Looks pretty fun, but the Trunks actor is ugly and retarted, I'm sorry for my words LOL
  14. YeLLoWCaRD

    Special Forces!

    God damn it, every character that was made after gt (including gt) are terrible.. Stop talking about this. Those SSJGSJ or whatever saiyan stages are bull crap, same as golden frieza, the original characters from Dragon Ball Z are the best ones. The only additional character I want to be in the...
  15. YeLLoWCaRD

    When the game is released .....

  16. YeLLoWCaRD

    Pokemon GO

    Because if you won't fcuk them up, they will rip your throat out, and eat your guts, and that feeling is probably not the best feeling in the world, LOL