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  1. Ten

    Shameless praise

    Good job on the site updates, been awhile since I've been here. So good luck and make this mod work out. O_o Ciao for now then all I have left to say.
  2. Ten

    Ten needs you~!

    Ok I need a admin list commands and options can anyone provide the good stuff? Post here if you will. We're running a dedicated server but need the commands for it. thanks
  3. Ten


    check your sig I think you have a tag missing. Every post you've posted in stops at your post, but there is more replys to it they're not showing just take a look. Thanks
  4. Ten

    Hey Look At me! *waves hands*

    I got a wee bit bored of messing witha sig so I thougt what the hey...lets try a wallpaper So without further ado click the link to see my first ever wallpaper! it kinda screwed up since i saved the file as a jpeg and the pc crashed after (JPEGS merge layers) Anyways though seems good for a...
  5. Ten

    Yay for me!

    I learnt how to do the fadey thingy! So this is my 4th sig I made Joy! <img src=""> <a href="">Larger Version</a> Anyone have tips for next ones I make? Flames etc?
  6. Ten


    Nice forum, but what was the point of the referer? I tryed using my name since I was on the old forum, but said It could not be found..So I used Hibikis? Is there any perks of it?