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    PROPOSAL - ESF Open Beta Distribution method

    do you really think the team will just pick 1 host ? and something else, if esf-w sucks that much why we have 119k downloads for esfb 1.2.3 ? host it where ever u want i guess there will be a esf-w mirror too if the svn thing isnt working...
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    ESF-World Hacked ..again ?

    we're not earning any money.....we're just spending our time...
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    ESF-World Hacked ..again ?

    im working on it...
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    Esf-World POTM

    "Everyone give a big welcome to IM kOnG KoNg. He is now a part of our mapping squad. "
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    ESF-World online.
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    ESF-W FTW?,, & online.
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    I can't download new models

    problem solved.
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    Help!!!! Krillin

    here we go [English] [Japanese]
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    Help me plz!!!

    moved to help section
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    [Video] [S2k] - ESF Pro Action 1

    oops sorry totaly forget... i already uploaded the vids, will be online tommorow
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    ESF-World Networkxx Mirror imkongkong - esf_zsword #1 online: click me
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    Sprite pack beta 2 - new scouter

    try this one ->
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    Feeling Chilleh?

    pretty nice map here we go ----- ESF-World Networkxx Mirror Dragondude - esf_frost #1 online: click me -later
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    ESF Files @

    there is already a esf section >_> wow u knows your own site pretty good
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    ESF Files @

    sky, if u didn't noticed yet ;) you already host those kind of files ;) i had to add them a while ago.. anyways good luck
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    the pics u saw like ginyu will be in the new version of esf ( 1.3 ) which isn't released yet 1.2.3 is the newest version
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    My first map using triangles

    yus yus ->
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    esf_roshi????? new mappah!

    yus yus :o , esf_Roshi esf_driedRoshi esf_Saiyan
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    Goku So Far

    0/10 everyone can do that ( well... maybe its hard to be such a bad skinner / skineditor. :) ) i wouldnt post skins like that here o.0 doesnt even look like 5 mins of work.. good luck
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    esf_roshi????? new mappah!

    they will be released tonight on esf-w :)