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  1. your nightmare

    powerup in 1.1

    in the beta 1.1 feature list it sais: "-Replace powerup triangle by wrl model". well I STILL HAVE THE OLD ONE - after installing the full version (old esf version was deleted by me). can u tell me how "fix" that? i want the new "powerup animation".
  2. your nightmare

    Piccolo idea

    how about adding piccolos cape? after transforming the cape will remove. what do you think?
  3. your nightmare


    in the beta1.1 outline it says: Attack tweaks - Attach sbc i only want to know what "sbc" means
  4. your nightmare

    german clan

    hi leutz wenn ihr irgendwer deutsch spricht dann hab ich ne info für euch: wir haben nen deutschen ESF-clan gegründet und BRAUCHEN MEMBER!!! wenn ihr interessiert seit dann geht auf (die site is noch nich ganz fertig) geht auf clan und tragt euch im unter join ein...
  5. your nightmare


    can u plz add 1 taunt 4 each charcter? with animation and sound? it would be nice to provoke your opponent. and it looks cool (not even in a ESf-movie)...