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  1. Devion

    This game will never be released...

    Back in the line son. I started following this mod when I was 14 and now I am 30...... But yeah a release seems further away then ever. I remember last year when they suggested(fans and mods) that it might happen beginning this year.... Best thing to do is to forget about ESF and hopefully...
  2. Devion

    What a graphics card I need for this game?

    Before you go out and buy a card that is heavily overkill and costs 900 euro+(if you are lucky), ESF hasnt had a released since I was in high school.(2004, not counting the half ass open beta) God I am getting old.
  3. Devion

    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    Why not just copy dragonball? Ball should work just like a beam, but a ball can be "disengaged", gives the user his mobility back, but loses the option of power up the ball anymore. Ofcourse the user that disengage the ball/beam(or ball/ball) struggle, should get some form of penalty, like...
  4. Devion

    What's going on?

    Always nice to see an old name. There is some activity on facebook, but the mod is mostly dead. I check the forums and facebook regularly, there just some random POTW/M. Its a shame but thats the reality.
  5. Devion

    What is the current status of the mod?

    Yup ¬_¬
  6. Devion

    The ESF Final is dead ?

    So animations also still need to be done. Its never going to be 2017......
  7. Devion

    The ESF Final is dead ?

    This comment made me giggle ;).
  8. Devion

    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Wow dude, keep your bombvest on. I occasionally check ESF out of nostalgia. No shit sherlock, when it's finished you can release it. However the question is what comes first, the devs being fed up with this project or a release. With the amount of updates given we can safely say that the...
  9. Devion

    The ESF Final is dead ?

    It is quite dead, don't expect a release anymore. They might surprise us, but mods that keep going for so long with no updates and no eagerness to finish it are usually doomed.
  10. Devion

    Why don't you just release it?

    You are underestimating the quality of the community. Like OP said, most of us have grown up and got real jobs. Despite not being (directly) in IT, even I can program, C#, VB and an ERP specific language. Imagine the fans that are actually doing something with game design. Besides I can...
  11. Devion

    mod is dead?

    Yes it's dead, for about 2 years now. They wont admit it, sad but true.
  12. Devion

    ESF: Goku Or Vegeta!

    The much more logic, and much shorter, answer is there is almost no progress and therefore not much to show something new.(Except for graphics/shaders) Face it, the mod has been more dead than alive for years. There is a like a quarterly news item on the site showing almost no new progress. I...
  13. Devion

    PC is messed up, need a recommendation.

    You already gave the answer more or less. It's most likely the AC adapter and battery. Try gaming with AC adapter(Preferably one you know for certain that 100% works), but WITHOUT the battery, what happens?
  14. Devion

    Everytime I see the game getting closer and closer to release I feel like this

    Too bad he is completely right. I lost most of my interest because it's completely like DNF. The development time for this game is ridiculous. New features are added all the time, like destruction etc.. All look very nice, but the team should make some boundaries of what the mod should be...
  15. Devion

    [Old PotW] I think I have enough energy! But maybe a little more wouldn't hurt...

    Would be cool if you could donate energy to the spirit bomb in team deathmatch.
  16. Devion

    ScrewAttack: Goku vs Superman

    Watch DB(Z) and you would have known.... No they don't, if you think you do, you haven't been watched DBZ at all. Goku would there be in an instant and back.... Doomsday is a weakling compared to Freeza. I have never seen him destroying whole countries with one move, let alone a whole...
  17. Devion

    ScrewAttack: Goku vs Superman

    When Roshi and Piccolo blew up the moon, the KI attack reached the moon in a second, which make the KI attacks already FTL in DB. The stronger DB(Z) fighters get, the faster they become and they dodge beams and KI attacks(Which logically also should become faster) like it is nothing. So we can...
  18. Devion

    ScrewAttack: Goku vs Superman

    Superman is a cripple compared to Goku. Superman has no energy attack like Goku does. Radditz was already faster then the speed of light as Piccolo pointed out. Roshi, Piccolo etc. were already strong enough to blow up the moon. Imagine what Goku(Not even as Super Saiyan) could have done? The...
  19. Devion

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    Most of the scientific discoveries were in the little Greece empire, not in Rome..... The reason why NYC is a great place for pursuing arts is becomes of economic reasons, not having a huge empire. Here you again completely misunderstand my point of view. I was against the war in Libiya and...
  20. Devion

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    God these posts are getting long..... How about you turn on the TV or read a newspaper? Have you missed the fact Your putting the cart before the horse. The vacuum was created by destroying the Iraq army, which happened in a war which didn't need to take place. Just because you could...