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    DBZ live action movie photoshop.

    Could somebody do a Piccolo? Though it might not look right, I just wanna see how it'd do >,<
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    DBZ live action movie photoshop.

    It has been confirmed that there will be a movie, but it's gonna come out in 2006, they're having trouble finding actors that'll play the characters. And Hugh Jackman was fired because he was busy with the Van Helsing movie, so he was slowing down something. Well, to get on-topic. Those...
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    Things so cute you want to squeeze them to death.

    O.o...... Is that Lambchop? *Just says random stuff....* Here's my other picture.
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    Things so cute you want to squeeze them to death.

    That's disturbing, and I didn't even see all but the beginning (It was going slow) Well, here's my pic I love soo much: You shall ph34r teh ninja cats!
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    First Photo Shop Sig

    O_O that's your first sig with photoshop? That's VERY good. 9/10, needs another picture on the other side. OH, here's a great site for cool fonts, and there free:
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    Happy Birthday, GMan

    *Ish late on posting this* >,< Happy late Birthday G-man! Now you gotta make me a Birthday thread :laff: @ G-Man
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    I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! It was possibly the BEST movie I have ever seen (besides the other Lotr of course)! I liked the part were Gandalf beat the guy up also, everybody in the theatre (after that part), clapped! I liked part were Legolas killed the Markil also, just because of Gimli's...
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    A little something I drew

    I was bored so I drew this: It's kinda big, I know, that's 'cause it scanned wrong. And I had to erase half of him, because I didn't like the way it turned out. So... what'cha think?
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    What Did You All Get For Christmas!?

    Oh yeah! I completely forgot about the $50 coat I got and the $15.
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    What Did You All Get For Christmas!?

    I got a tape player wiht headphones (That are already broke), a small teapot (which will soon be broke), a boggle pen (It's a pen.. with a miniture obggle game on top, with a small timer in the middle), Evanescence CD (W00t! ^^), a Gmae cube, Luigi's Mansion, and a big screen TV! (Those were all...
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    Wen u tink of ___ u tink of ____

    When I think of cookies, for some reason, I think of Cold Steel...... weird, huh?
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    That was lame. Your just a j4(|<455
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    Your sig sucks, your avatar sucks, and you just plain suck.
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    XDOG(HOADY) is the biggest moron here... so far.
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    HAPPY Halloween!!!!!!! THE OFFICAL Halloween thread!!!

    that google pic is just disturbing....... *Swats VB* No your not. Happy Hollween!
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    Cold Steel looks like a computer monitor! ........ that wasn't very insulting.... to CS anyway. I'm sorry monitor!!! You also look like my dog's ring-wormy butt! Which I had to apply medication too! You smell like rotten....... steel?
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    What do you want to be

    I wanna be... a mechanic.... Or a Video Game maker. Or just anything that'll let me create something. But right now, I just hope I make it through High-School.
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    Your a Bone Head!
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    The Imfamus Hate Thread

    You just plain suck! >,<
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    ESF Forums Beauty Pagent! Stage 1

    I'm almost 13. That was taken right after I ate something. O_o