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  1. SG_SSJ!

    Ki-blasts mobility

    So I was playing Gundam Extreme VS. and while It isn't nothing like ESF excpet that it involves people fighting in a 3d arena, there are some ideas that I think would benefit ESF, mainly, shooting ki-blasts while dashing. Now ESF never had that option, at all, the closest thing you could do was...
  2. SG_SSJ!

    SkullGirls or KOFXIII

    Hey there, I was wondering if any of you had these 2 games on Steam so we could do some matches :D
  3. SG_SSJ!

    [Not Gameplay related] COLORS!

    So, I've been wondering, this game has 9+ characters, in which the max number of players per server can be 32, It's obvious that there are characters that are gonna get selected by many people on the same server, so to make things interesting, how about giving 10+ color swaps to the characters...
  4. SG_SSJ!

    The balance between Melee and Ki Attacks.

    So, I've been thinking, melee in this version will be fast paced no matter what kind you choose to do, however, how will Ki Attacks suffer from it? In 1.2, the only thing you could do after hitting someone was shoot a generic beam/ball and ki blasts given the time to charge of those. So I'm...
  5. SG_SSJ!

    Turorial:Sprayed style

    First of all this tutorial wsn't made by me! It was made by a guy in a DBZ Portuguese forum...I just have translated to Eng. Second :It's a very basic tutorial mostly used for begginers! Ok Let's go 1st:Open a new document with a normal sign dimension(example:350x150) 2nd:Choose a render...
  6. SG_SSJ!

    Creating a VGUI!

    Hey guys! I want to create a Gohan VGUI but it's not working,it appears the render only in some parts of it! By the way is that because of Alpha 1?(channel in Photoshop).
  7. SG_SSJ!


    I think this is my worst sign ever!
  8. SG_SSJ!

    Kid Gohan!

  9. SG_SSJ!


    My 3rd sign ever!
  10. SG_SSJ!

    Week update?

    Come on guys today is Sunday the update day, why isn't any update uploaded?
  11. SG_SSJ!

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?
  12. SG_SSJ!

    Patch for OBF?

    Well... since we are waiting for the final version ... why not make a patch for OBF wich has animations for all models, bots, fixing some bugs ...etc!
  13. SG_SSJ!

    ESF Compatible with CS!

    Guys can you make esf compatible with CS? Because i don't have half life!
  14. SG_SSJ!

    How much combos 1.2.3 have?

    Well we all know they're combos in the adv melee but how much of them... 2 or 3?
  15. SG_SSJ!

    Can somebody give me Half Life?

    Well... my mother dosen't has a credit card so because off that i can't play esf... can you give me half life pls? (my steam acount is songokussj470)
  16. SG_SSJ!

    I've got a question about 1.2.3 models.

    Is there models like goku ssj 1.2.3 but in ssj3?
  17. SG_SSJ!

    Requesting some models...

    Hey Guys... Can the UM-WFS team give me thei're models plz? The models are so cool specialy vegeta! Can You?
  18. SG_SSJ!

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?
  19. SG_SSJ!

    How can I create a amxx file for ecx:rc2?

    How can I create a amxx file for ecx:rc2?
  20. SG_SSJ!

    Where can I download the CCI

    Where can I download the CCI