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  1. SG_SSJ!

    ECX Modelpack (BT3 or ZEQ2-Lite)

    Yes but those are a shit to rip.
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    ECX Modelpack (BT3 or ZEQ2-Lite)

    Discard both, use Xenoverse's models instead.
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    Not only english

    I have every soundfile from Xenoverse, getting the ones from the PS2 games is also super easy as is getting the ones from Raging Blast 1, 2 and Ultimate Tenkaichi. If Final releases and there's no Japanese voice tracks I can make an optional pack no problem.
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    [Old PotW] Earth's Special Forces - Dev Journal #1 - Vegeta Throw

    Man that was fun to watch. Dalte's the best person to make this kinds of videos, guy's so energetic while also loving what he does. Also damn ESF is looking really pretty, glad to see you guys aren't dropping the day-time cycle, it really adds atmosphere to the fights, I also noticed that it's...
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    Pokemon GO

    It's virtual cockfight but instead of cocks you get "interpretations" of various "animals" that you can evolve into other "animals" that you can imprison them into a small ball. Shit's super addicting yo.
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    ESF Final Custom Models / Costumes

    This is something I'm interested about as well, the Open Betas had a system closely to choosing outfits in the official games where you chose a character and you then can choose his variations, but there was a video of a character select screen that ditched it out together and made those custom...
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    Hum, yes you can? I literally have 20 something All Regen M Capsules in my loadout so I can pretty much use them without worrying they will run out.
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    Totally agree, it's much better to do my own combos than watch the game do it for me, the fact that the action never stops and I'm able to react to every single attack makes it much more entertaining.
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    Are you doing Parallel Quests between Story Missions? It should help a bit both in getting into a better level and getting new skills/clothes, also there are some Parallel Quests in TokiToki that NPCs give you, so look out for those if you haven't.
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    Or you could use "Change The Future".
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    It's their second time making a 3D Arena Fighter actually, they did Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers in 2013.
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    And yet it plays nothing like Tenkaichi except for the fact that they're 3D Arena Fighters based on DBZ. Still, people buying DBZ games thinking they're competitive and have tons of depth are ALWAYS going to be disappointed. Bandai just wants to cash-in on the fanservice and the fact that...
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    DragonBall Xenoverse PC/Steam

    As of the TGS build, they revamped the flying speed and overall hit-detection, It plays much better than it did on the Network Test. As for the Arenas being smaller, It was only natural as this game is more about those melee combos and this time has less characters on screen than BoZ. Gameplay...
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    About ESF: Final xD

    In DBZ's case, I actually believe genre doesn't have anything to do with it, as its fanbase has proven again and again that if the fanservice is there, the game could be a Dating Sim and they would eat it up. As a guy who loves fighting games and dislikes the majority of DBZ console games (Super...
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 11/17/14

    *insert NOT IN THE MANGA picture here*
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    DragonBall Xenoverse PC/Steam

    To some of us, not the general public. What they see is multiple characters on the screen flying and hitting each other, difference being in that one you have a locked on camera and in the other you don't. It's kinda the same deal when people got disappointed in BoZ because it wasn't as good as...
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    [Old PotW] Much Minty Such Fresh (2 pictures this week)

    The more I see this HUD the more I am happy you guiys have multiple choices for it, it's not that's it's bad, I just prefer the one from Melee impressions video and the one from OBF. (I love the target-circle tho, It's smiliar the Gundam VS games and I love those) The map looks beautiful as...
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 6/10/14

    The outfit is fine, if you look at Goku from the Cell/Buu arc, those are the colors he uses.
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    next gen Dragonball game

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    Ki-blasts mobility

    So I was playing Gundam Extreme VS. and while It isn't nothing like ESF excpet that it involves people fighting in a 3d arena, there are some ideas that I think would benefit ESF, mainly, shooting ki-blasts while dashing. Now ESF never had that option, at all, the closest thing you could do was...