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    I thank you UK and British Forces

    I thank you UK and British Forces and other allies that our supporting us in the war in Iraq I thank you. i hope all american and british forces return safely. But I dont thank the French sorry.:no:
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    to a mod that would know

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    AM i Allowed to pu my out war link?

    Im hot
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    Who Are You People?

    Well its probably all the freaking gel u have in ur hair lol how much do u put on Tepus are u Asian or Mexican cant really tell
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    Who Are You People?

    I can tell ur gonan be bald when u grow up
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    Point 'n click games

    Look in every thread he posts in and you will see the same thing why dont u warn him
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    Point 'n click games

    Wow this is stupid why did u post this :tired:
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s

    hmmm i see u registerd in Dec and have more than 300 posts in less than a month seems like i have more of a life than u do ;/ * I like writting diry stuff in Spanish that the mods have no idea wtf it means and they are prolly gonna beat me down now. - I have a special stick with ur name...
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s

    well i took a pic tell me if i cant post this,10850,6019667,00.html it still says it now
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s

    * edit * nm just saw strykers post but it says it again
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s

    No I ddint read it wrong it said **** if u came and saw it earlier u would have known * DO NOT GO AROUND THE FILTERS -Stryker-
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    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s,10850,6019667,00.html Read the caption. LOL i didnt think they could say that
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    Subliminal messages

    About my sig Numerous admins and moderators have seen it and said its covered enough so stop *****ing about it
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    Subliminal messages

    Which is why I posted this one because its the scariest one those pics freak me out.
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    Subliminal messages

    You dont have to be so negative all the time tepus
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    Subliminal messages wait for it to load it just shows there are Subliminal messages in alot of things Listen to the song its cool some song played backwards says the lords prayer
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    fighting spectator

    Already been posted check the known bugs thread
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    Funny yet true for most people on the internet

    LOL You know its true Watch the posts and views go up LMAO
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    And I said...BUILD ME A HOUSE! <large pics>

    Man it must be that time of the month