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    VBulletin 4 Preview

    Need help upgrading those plugins ? (if they're not yet released for this new vb version)
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    New Map System Revealed

    - Does this mean the HL exe will be replaced, and thus ESF:F being a 'new game' like CS? - Could you use those new Boundry FX technique to create 'realistic' clouds ? - Grega, a while back you showed us a simple 'breakable building' POC, and now you guys are using new maps methods, will...
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    How to create an mdl file?

    I'm not supposed to tell you this, but there's a new cool website called, which answers all of your crazy questions.
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    That would be the ones who knows how to reverse the compiler into a decompiler(I think they released the sourcecode) How about we make it extra difficult and put it all in LOL-code?
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    and that would also be inefficient because there would be more communication between the client and the server. Or worst case, client and database.
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    In-game stats would also require a link to the master database, because else you wouldn't have stats from other servers.
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    so, can't you copy and modify ns-stats for ESF?
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    maybe we could start a different thread discussing the technical aspects of the system, and let the others flame about other addons in here.
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    I do wonder if the ESF team has the resources/or is willing to spend it to maintain a database for that much players and servers
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    Yes, if you have some good devs, you can implement this in any engine. I think it would be wise to discuss about security issues. Such a system would require alot of database communication. If you want to generalize this(recording stats using a global system using a server of ESF), we will...
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    dutchmeat I have already sent pm's over the past few years. I was banned for asking what 'Minion ESF' was(leaked version).
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    Just a sidenote, you can proberly have stats on your own website using VSP Stats, The webapplication does need access to your esf logfile. But if you are sure no one has build this before, I could make something, if someone unbans my other account.
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    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    It isn't hard to make something like this yourself, or you take one of the sound(Multikill,etc) plugins, and remove the sound part :)
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    Request: ESF team changing? (Amxx)

    can't you use a quick 'client_cmd(id,"team good")' in comination of those other plugins? Here's the second script again, I've used user_kill instead of the entity-kill method.
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    Changing Aura Model Lags for a Second?

    you're right on that, but why are you looping FindEntityByString ? Can't you call it just once?
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    Changing Aura Model Lags for a Second?

    Perhaps you can use clientpostthink to check for the aura model instead of an emitsound callback func.
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    Powerlevel Changer Plugin

    Shouldn't you be setting property 461 aswell ?
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    EVS source out.

    There are some key values changed in 1.3, so I doubt it will work. Also I have to mention that this code is just as messy as it is ineffecient. Arrays and structs are useful, for the new coders out here, try avoiding multiple calls on a single function like this...
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    does not work if this doesn't work, then I suggest you buy hl1 like every other idiot, and don't forget to reinstall
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    EVM-SSJ4 and SBFIX sourcecodes

    I must be crazy, but here it is. I don't have the motivation to mod for esf anymore. I hope someone will carry on my work, or atleast use it . First stop: SBFIX, this will stop the old spiritbomb crash. Sourcecode: And last but not least...