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  1. Dr.Killer


    Hi guys, i don't know if this is the right section for my post, but like in title i would like to request this copy of cell games map, if anyone still has this version with the same textures and geometry, please don't hesitate to share it with us, not now of course but when you release the mod...
  2. Dr.Killer

    reflecting beam attacks

    Hello you guys, how are doing? dev team what's up? i hope everything is OK, (not K.O -_-) Well today i have an idea, and i will be glad to share it with you guys: according to the title, my idea is to turn the path of reflected(deflected) attacks into a curve instead of the old straight...
  3. Dr.Killer

    GUI Suggestion

    Hi guys, it's been a while since my last post, so it was a long time to give you guys a good idea( good as i see). i was thinking of The General user interface of the game,concerning all the previous versions of esf we can clearly see the background is a simple image, let's change that for the...
  4. Dr.Killer

    Watch out for the 52 Characters Package

    Hello guys how are you doing today ? everything here seems to be alright. And now i would be glad to show you guys what was hidden of my stuff 2 years ago, that's right:D today i share with you my collection of 52 characters for ESF ECX RC 2, But first you've gotta watch the video tutorial...
  5. Dr.Killer

    Super bot Laser

    I was playing against ultimate bots and there using their laser to avoid my beam attacks and drain my energy and HP. i am not going to ask how to get it disabled, but certainly i want to know how to use it. thanks for help:smile:
  6. Dr.Killer

    Scouter Suggestion

    Hi guys:D, ESF is really a great game:smile:, here is a new suggestion about the scouter : as we know, the scouter works on esf 1.2.3 like a radar that senses the enemies or friends even dragon balls, and it presents them in the scouter's screen as squares with different sizes and colors. but...
  7. Dr.Killer

    recover and swoop near the water

    Hi guys , i thought about it and i found it awesome about this suggestion, so here we go , the recover system allows players to balance the flight after taking a heavy hit and flying at a high velocity without controlling the caracters in the sky, but when you start recovering your player near...