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  1. IFlip92

    Change Stances

    Well, it was about time for a new suggestion I think. I just watched the newest DBU video out and I think he had an incredible idea in it. He has these different stances which can boost one of four key areas of your character while decreasing the others. Eg. if you go into a Strength stance...
  2. IFlip92

    NVidia GameWorks

    Is it possible to integrate some of the NVidia GameWorks capabilities? I see it can add the capability of some destruction and physics in games.
  3. IFlip92

    Darksiders Franchise for £7!

    Darksiders Franchise (DK1 + DK2 + All DLC) for £7 here!…/Darksiders-Franchise-Pack.html I just had to get it after the ******* game deleted my saves for pressing Space after Alt-Tabbing at the loading screen... Steam Cloud Saves ftw now! Just lost 11 hours of my...
  4. IFlip92

    Square Enix Easter Surprise

    Just got an email about it. £3.99 for 5 games plus store offers/discounts. Seems like a good deal even though we don't know what games. Details here: PS: Join the guessing game here...
  5. IFlip92

    New Fan Made Live-Action DBZ Web Series!

    Anyone seen this? (Wasn't sure where to post this, please move appropriately)
  6. IFlip92

    Consecutive Hits Streak

    Hi, I came up with this idea a while ago that I would like to share. Originally this came to me from being disappointed by how short the fights are in all the DBZ games because of their HP bars. My idea is to ditch the health bars alltogether and have a treshold of consecutive hit streak which...
  7. IFlip92

    Attack on Titans Unity Game

    Hey guys, I just found a nice little game you can play single or multiplayer, based on the anime Attack On Titans and the Unity game engine. It's quite cool and skill based kinda like ESF is, with interesting mechanics and such and it's definitely worth checking out. Here's the link...
  8. IFlip92

    US government recognizes League of Legends players as pro athletes

    I think this is major news in gaming history as Pro LoL players have been recognized as Pro Athletes! I hope soon we gonna have game Olympics and the like :D Source...
  9. IFlip92

    Awesome Parrot is Awesome

    This Parrot can sing Let The Bodies Hit the Floor!!
  10. IFlip92

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

    This game coming out towards the end of this month looks really, REALLY good! I think it may have been funded by Kickstarter but not sure. It looks to be an Action-RPG genre, with an overhead camera a-la Diablo but the combat looks really good. Seems to be plenty of options to go through in the...
  11. IFlip92

    Photoshop Edit Help!

    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to post this but here it goes. I found this awesome picture that I would love to make as my main wallpaper except that there's some gay pretty boy in it that I have been trying for ages to turn him into just a figure of a man. My photoshop skills are well...
  12. IFlip92

    Race Driver Grid 2

    Finally, after many years of waiting, a trailer and 2013 release reveal for Grid2: Preorders already available on GAME. Releasing on PC, PS3 and Xbox360. I am really stoked and hope they will have a Clutch in...
  13. IFlip92

    ESF:F Blocking

    So, we haven't heard much about it. Will it work the same way as 1.2.3 did? Or should we xpect something that uses the bonus points too? I mean it would be awesome and balanced if you could use your bonus points defensively as well as offensively. Will you still be able to block struggle beams...
  14. IFlip92

    Zenny are back? (Or I just noticed them)

    I just noticed I got some Zenny underneath my Avatar in some posts...I searched the forum for an explanation, but all I found was another thread full of banter and no explanation as to what this system [email protected], it's been like a year since that thread. I think its time to let us in on it^^
  15. IFlip92

    Kill Count Bonuses/Death Count Bonuses

    As the Thread Title says, would it be possible to implement a sort of Call of Duty kill/support streak bonus system. Or have some sort of milestones per game that grant you bonuses? I think it would be quite fun to have something like Person x gets 10 kills -> receives 0.5 speed bonus. Person y...
  16. IFlip92

    Wallpaper Sharing

    Since there is a Desktop sharing thread, I figured there should be a Wallpaper sharing thread for those that want to share their awesome, hard-to-find wallpapers. Post a link to your uploaded files and also try to post a few previews of your favourite wallpapers that you frequently use along...
  17. IFlip92

    Thrive - What will it take?

    Thrive - What will it take?/Free energy supression Hi guys, I just finished watching "Thrive - What will it take?". It is an unconventional documentary and I find that it uncovers some truth of the world we live in while making connections and keeping coherency throughout the documentary hence...
  18. IFlip92

    Ice Wasteland Video

    I just found this newly posted video on Youtube. Looks like they were trying to sneak this update past us haha^^ Ice Wasteland looks awesome! I cant wait to fight in these beasty blizzards!
  19. IFlip92

    ESF: Final Fact Sheet. So Far We Know...

    (Please make this a sticky maybe some peeps will stop asking the same questions over and over) Also please feel free to remind me of anything I forgot. I'll edit the first post and add every bit of info in it. This is a list of info I have managed to spot here and there on the forums about the...
  20. IFlip92


    I was thinking that it would be a nice addition to add a dense fog which would break up the fast gameplay for a few minutes and try to play more strategically having to use your scouter and such a lot to detect your opponent, have surprise beams being launched at you and god knows what lol. Fly...