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  1. IFlip92

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Goku looks a bit anemic and the sound effect of when he transforms needs a bit more impact. The rest is perfect :D. Well done guys. Way to show persistence throughout the years!
  2. IFlip92


    I can handle Romanian.
  3. IFlip92

    Payments Please

    Can you send me £500 as well? Since all y'all pockets seem to be burning and all....
  4. IFlip92

    What's going on?

    Ok, all of you are talking about a Discord server, but what's the address? o_o
  5. IFlip92

    How does it work?

    *In a not so far future* *Instructions are released...*
  6. IFlip92

    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    Option 1: I think a person engaging in block-struggle against a ball, if successful he should have the advantage of gained strength (PL) from struggling and perhaps instead of swatting the ball away, having it absorbed so he doesn't lose KI or Stamina, but gains it instead; if that is not...
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    I thought they just have different graphical filters (or cell-shading) that you can switch through in the settings?
  8. IFlip92

    Change Stances

    Well, it was about time for a new suggestion I think. I just watched the newest DBU video out and I think he had an incredible idea in it. He has these different stances which can boost one of four key areas of your character while decreasing the others. Eg. if you go into a Strength stance...
  9. IFlip92

    do you guys have any sponsors

    Read what I said again... You don't start a donation page for ESF. You start a donation page for the people working on ESF as well as their other creative content. Easy mode.
  10. IFlip92

    do you guys have any sponsors

    To be fair, Patreon seems like a good spin on the idea because we would be donating money to you to keep creating "creative" content, whatever that may be, and not donating specifically for THIS project. As far as I know, most of your staff has their hands in some other creative projects too...
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    I want to know when it comes out so I can pre-order my fast food for that whole week.
  12. IFlip92

    Oculus Rift

    It will be an interesting fight between HTC Vive (releasing April) and Oculus Rift, considering the Oculus limits you to your chair, while Vive actually let's you move around physically. I am not going to pre-order the Oculus because I want to wait for the first impressions to see if it's ironed...
  13. IFlip92

    What video card do you have?

    Don't get a 980. For the price you can get 2x970s and have a lot more gain. I wonder how Oculus is going to handle SLI/XFire.
  14. IFlip92

    What video card do you have?

    Just switched to a GTX 960 OC from Gigabyte. Runs like a dream, so cool and silent.
  15. IFlip92

    NVidia GameWorks

    Sorry :P
  16. IFlip92

    NVidia GameWorks

    Is it possible to integrate some of the NVidia GameWorks capabilities? I see it can add the capability of some destruction and physics in games.
  17. IFlip92

    Speed and gameplay

    I have some questions. Will you be able to setup a server where everyone has infinite KI or Stamina or both? Will that still be accessible from the console or are you locking that away? I personally prefer playing without limitations.
  18. IFlip92

    [Old PotW] ESF_Cell_Games Update

    I'm gonna be the one who says it. Too much green.
  19. IFlip92

    Free Game

    Awesome! Do I need Origin for that? Keeps giving me this error: Edit: 10 mins after this happened the game just disappeared off the On The House deal... Screw EA
  20. IFlip92

    What games are you guys currently playing?

    You must be living in the past, cos for eg. Assassin's Creed did break the mold when it came out. And it still kind of does every other release.