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    fatal error plz help

    k guys fro mthe last time i got a fatal error the problem was that idint have enough ram so i asked my friend if i could have is ram coz he has a spare it had like 500 ram on it so then i put it in with my ram witch gave me like 1gb ram now that i got 1 gb iot should work fine right... well ur...
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    how to add models

    hey umm guys i dled sum model paks and now i was wondering how do i add then would b realy great help ty
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    how to find out if ur game is steam version

    hey guys umm how do i no if my game is a steam version and plus i cnt find any servers umm also i no this is in the wrong section but where can i download af models n things for esrf and also how to install and last but not least how do i turn ssj4 wid vegeta thnx
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    fatal error plz help

    when i open esf and choose a map it loads but then like half way threw the loading the game closes and i get a message called fatal error and it says Cache_TryAlloc: 1095824 is greater then free hunk. i also read al lthe post about fatal errors but they dont really help so plz can u help me on...