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    Manliest Name Ever

    Kimberly <3
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    SIG. R1: rebornMCW vs Valeska

    I could send chills down people's spines but I would have to put something quite disturbing which I dont think this ESF forums will let me put. And... Dont make me release the dobermans!
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    SIG R1: Lith vs Jariroth

    Jariroth gets my vote because his really draws my attention unlike Lith's. She got some big ol' tittays! And Lith's looks more water then icy winter.
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    SIG. R1: rebornMCW vs Valeska

    I still think the signature I currently have is better.
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    Rate The Signature Above You... The Trilogy... 2

    I love it. Too bad I beat Kingdom hearts 2 in 2 days. 7/10
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    Sig tourny #2

    I'll join. Hopefully I get to go against you even though your sigs kicks ass!
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    SIG: Final: VivaLaPinapple VS Kaination

    My pants grow tighter...
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    SIG: Final: VivaLaPinapple VS Kaination

    I blinked and viva's now in the lead somehow.
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    Post Your Desktop... Yet Again...

    Using a wallpaper from Lith
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    SIG: Final: VivaLaPinapple VS Kaination

    OMFG! O rly disco owl is the mad notes son! My vote is for Kain. (Nice effects too)
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    What's your router?

    Surprisingly enough, it's wireless.
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    Vegeta's Brother part 3

    ...Parents must be proud! This is an academy winner in the category "What to do with a microphone, fraps, esf, and 2 kilos of crack" award.
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    What's the Avatar Above You Saying?

    "This leopard skinned thong is riding up my ass..."
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    zombies ate my neighbors

    I played it, gave up on it in a matter of minutes. You need to go play smash tv.
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    Rate The Signature Above You... The Trilogy... 2

    8/10, most of it for the hot girl obviously.
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    SIG. R1: VivaLaPinapple VS bapplebo

    Viva all the way.
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    I'm so ****ed! :(

    Sorry but thats down right hilarious. Im a professional ditcher! So no, I havent.
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    The Boondocks

    I love this show. It's hilarious. My favorite was either this one or the R kelly trial. Another great show made. Adult Swim has been producing quite some crap often (I'm looking at you, 12 ounze mouse and Squidbillies even more so Stroker and Hoop.) Long Live Boondocks
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    Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers

    I rather watch the Power Rangers then that spoof. Which the old school power rangers pwned.
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    Fame Cry - Annoying Kid *Ultra funny*

    Same here, f'ed up parents.