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    Pictures in media players

    how do i take pictures in windows media player...plz help
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    an idea most of you i guess wont like it...but hear me out....if you are goku, trunks or goten(if they are included)you collect all the DB and you make a wish that goten and trunks fuse....then when you get to the select charater screen you will see gotenks and not trunks or goten....and when...
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    Are the esf team going to make a new layout for their homepage.....i think its getting alit old.....
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    Make Money for esf team....

    why dont you guys sign up at so that you get 2 cents for every click.....or why not sign up at there you also get 2 cents per buy equipment and stuff..
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    3DS Max 4

    How do you open an hl .mdl model in 3dsm4
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    How do you convert .mdl to a .3ds format...plz help
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    3DS Max 4.2/Milkshape 3d 1.6.6

    i need help....listen i am trying to learn how to make skins and it's going pretty well...thanks to zereth...but how do i see my skin on a model like i'm skinning piccolo but how do i see the skin and the model in 3ds max...i do have ms3d but it's unregistred....please help....
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    i don't get it...when i, as gohan, get the saiyan battle armor then you are supposed to go to the world map or something that is on a top of somekinda cliff....but when i get to the worldmap and press A i get a black screen with a dialog....and it says.....for pleasure not pressure.....i play on...
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    Trunks attack

    can't the esf team put the attack that trunks used after he sliced up cyborg know that attack that he shot from his hand and it looked kinda like a firethrower...
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    Diablo 2

    would't it be cool if someone made an dbz mod for has single player and it has multi......skills could be melee and ki attacks....and the charathers could be saiyans.....the maps could be like namek and canyons on earth etc get the point...i think that it would rock...
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    New Gohan Attack

    here's my idea....gohan puts his right hand a little over the left (where you put your watch)and then he powers up a ball of energy and then he realeses it....
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    how about this....can't stryker join the s2k mapping squad and they could be the official esf mapping squad.....then they could do like 10 maps for each version of esf instead of 1 map.....that i would like....
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    i would like....

    i would have a sig can some one make me one....i would like it to have goku in it....thanks
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    beta 1.2

    one suggestion....can the esf team add all the textures of all the maps in the esf will be easyer for mappers to have one wad instead of ten....and the mappers wont ask the team mappers to get those other wads...
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    Hammer help

    stupid question....but how do i slice...instead of more do i make a cylinder horisantal....and not so it goes straight up...thanks
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    How do i make water on a map... i am a noob mapper.....i use gensurf to make the surface and hammer.... plz help...
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    Where can i find the Building textures that are on the esf_city map
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    thanks now it works
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    ok i am an n00b on mapping. i use gensurf and worldcraft. and when i compile a map with zhlt it gets messy. the whole map is black exept the sky texture. One more thing i need to learn how to compile better
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    Map Help

    Guy's i need some help. The esf_rosat and esf_mid maps are all messy on my comp...they keep blinking in a greyish color. plz help.