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    Sounds for models?

    I know there are alot of models out, and now that a lot of people have helped me find alot of the models I want, I am now hunting for sounds to the models. I will list some models I have downloaded (with no sounds) so you may get an idea of sounds that I need: -bebi vegeta -gogeta (all...
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    I have a problem with a model

    It is a vegetto model I downloaded from that gsf website. I don't know how to install this model. Once I download it I see that it is an .ace file. This is different than all the other models I downloaded because they are all .mdl files which means model files. I don't know what I'm supposed...
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    Has anyone tried Bid for power (q3 mod)

    Yea I've played it and it's pretty sweet. You should try it out: also they have one that is dragonball Z, its entitled English Bid for Power. This is like a mod for Bid for power (a DBZ mod). the site for that is here: