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    Favorite Tekken Character/Tekken 5

    Can't believe you guys didn't put up Baek.
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    ESF on Half -Life Radio

    Woa sweet, release date expected is May 8th.
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    what is this?

    God you people are dumb, Harsens himself said its a concept picture, it is not fake, yet not in 1.2 either.
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    Perfect cell

    Doesnt matter how good a model is, its the skin that makes or breaks a model.
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    Strip Collage

    I took the picture between a fence overlooking a football field. The collage is supposed to make something real look unreal according to my photo teacher.
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    Strip Collage

    Border is easy to fix with a simple cropping.
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    Strip Collage

    Just a little photograph i had that i edited into a collage.
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    Make the face alittle more wider cuz wolverine had sort of a square jaw, but dont make it a total square, just extend the jaw a little more.
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    War Of Genesis WP

    Its good cept for the middle specs that are like identical to each other. They look repetitive and kinda takes the eye away from the main picture.
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    Well sry, this kinda of picture isnt meant for the dense people who see only whats infront of them.(no offense)
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    Well i just took this picture out of the moment cuz the rain had just started and it was the schools camera so i didnt want to mess it up...and i just took the picture fast without thinking about it. I already cropped the pic to much and cropping it even more would mess the whole composition of...
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    Simplicity Took this during my photography class, really liked it and wanted to show it to you guys.
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    First work on photoshop

    Finally decided to install the program again...and after playing for half an hour, i get this Not much...but i want your ideas and crits on it.
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    Possibly for ESF >_O

    Ok everbody, plz stop asking if its going to be released or whether its going to be released. Just watch the master at his work.
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    Darksun Goku

    Plz lets get on topic plz and quit with the idiotic rumbling.
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    I want to start something

    Plz for the love of god make a ryu model from Street fighter for goku.
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    Da Rules

    WTF do you think is then.
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    airsoft wars

    I have this big store thats a few blocks away from me that sells airsoft guns and stuff. I was gonna buy the electronic AK. Me and my friends had a lan party and most of the time we played "real" fps. I got shot buy the sniper rifle in the back by my friend from a few feet away. The ****...
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    Mind control now this **** is wierd.....
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    Dragon Ball series Episodes

    Dude, no warez on the forums.