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    New digital painting- Ashes-t1

    I made another digital painting that took me a few weeks. I made it entirely on photoshop 6.0, and i was inspired by my favorite movie {terminator 1 and 2....3 was good, but not as great as the first 2} Anyways, heres the link--->
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    painting-photoshop 6

    heres the link: This took me a long time to make {about 20 something hours all together}. IT was all made in photoshop was made about a month ago. please tell me what ya think :)
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    New sig

    here it is: tell me what ya think
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    My new wp's

    I made two new wp's: 1} 2} Tell me what ya think
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    new winterish sig

    -----> What do ya think?
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    new bg i made

    I know im not as good as some of u guys, but how do u like it?
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    Arg, please help me

    arg, i dl esf and it installed fine, but then i had to switch it from my half life folder to my C_s folder, then after that i tried it and everything on the menu worked fine, then i tried creating, entering, and quick joining games and every time it stopped, and a thing popped up saying " could...