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    Free 1gb email!

    not google... an israeli website "walla" (realy known website in israel) is offering 1gb email for free. enjoy.
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    EEA Models..

    Hey, I realy liked the models of eea.. Shijing converted the frieza model 4 model, and i just wanted to know, anyone planing to convert the rest of the models of eea ? I realy liked their Goku.. tnx in advance.
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    People Can use Dragonball Moves! ROFL!
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    Convert models to 1.1 ?

    yes to 1.1, i didn't like 1.2, so i'm playing with 1.1.. i wanted to know if it is possible to convert 1.2 to 1.1 ? thanks in advance...
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    New Hud Idea

    Is it possible to make an aqua (mac os x style) hud ? something like this style ? I don't have the skills to do it, so what about you guys ? do you think it's possible ? i think it would look great...
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    LOL! ESF Map on Cstrike. I didn't know it was possible.
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    Good maps with dragonballs...

    I'm looking for a nice map that includes all the 7 dragonballs together, like in esf_cellarena_b3. if anyone know map like that, please tell me where i can get it. thank in advance :)
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    Remove Cell

    It's not fair, he has all the powereful attacks (kamehameha, galit gun, sbc...), instead of him you could add some other cool character, like tien/ginyu/18 ... and btw, why does he have frieza disk ? in dbz he didn't use frieza disk he used krillin Destructor Disk.
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    can't download the game!

    i tried to download esf 1.2 from all the existing mirrors but everytime i finish to download the file it corrupted! can anyone give me a mirror that 100% works ? thanks in advance!
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    didn't understand...

    i didn't understand how to fight, i mean with punches... can anyone help ? is there a manual somewhere ? thanks..
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    EVM with bots..

    when i installed evm 1.1 sp i couldn't play with bots, i tried to install the bot pack all over again but then i can't play evm... any idea what could i do to play evm with bots ? thanks in advance :)
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    2 funny dbz pics... thats f**cking hurt :shocked:
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    Capture The Dragonballs.

    i tried to played this mode but i can't found any dragonball.. anyone have idea what is the problem ?
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    Linux Server...

    to install a linux server for the game, i have to have half life ? is there half life for linux ??
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    can't connect to any server.

    i get this error insted any idea what is the problem ? i tried to search the forum, but found no results. thanks in advance.