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    Strip Collage

    Just a little photograph i had that i edited into a collage.
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    Simplicity Took this during my photography class, really liked it and wanted to show it to you guys.
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    First work on photoshop

    Finally decided to install the program again...and after playing for half an hour, i get this Not much...but i want your ideas and crits on it.
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    Mind control now this **** is wierd.....
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    Use other maps on esf.

    Just wondering if you could get maps from different hl mods and play them in esf straight or do you have to do a conversion on them.
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    The highest pl youve ever seen.

    Whats the highest pl youve ever seen in esf. The most was 650 million with piccolo trans, my friend did it in 1.0 The highest pl ive seen in 1.1 is 254 million, done by me. Two hours worth of wishing in cellarena_b2 can get you that high. I had 103 million at base pl.
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    New bug, Dragon Balls

    I just noticed a bug, that when all hte dragonballs are collected and in one spot, and when someone picks one up and drops it and picks another up, it crashes hte server i was playing in. Happened twice to me today
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    Testing new sig

    Testing Testing....
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    Plz help me.....

    Since im new and dont know how to make a sig. can someone make me a sig with Ryu, the guy from street fighter, with a blueish gray look(more blue than gray plz)
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    Character Change bug

    I just noticed in a server where im admin, i gave my self alot of life, and when i went to change characters, i dont die. But i do keep my old powers. For example, i was Goku with set life, i changed to trunks, and had a Trunks with Gokus powers. Kinda funny seeing a Trunks diong a Spirit Bomb.