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    Is there a Non SSJ Version?

    it dont matter becouse its not compatible whith 1.2 anyway's (just like MOST of the models that wer released yesterday)
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    woa is it just me or.....

    but it says the models are for 1.2
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    woa is it just me or.....

    i dont know if it is just me but i just downloaded some new models from esf networxx and the animations are f*cked smo's goku pack has f*cked anims and the bojacks gohan has screwy anims aswell. im guessing its the same for all the models except the krillin pack?
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    Gohan all forms WIP

    yes yes hurry hurry lol j/k it is an awsome model but the only things i see that bother me a bit is his arms seem a bit short and his legs look like they curve outwords
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    Majin Buu-W.I.P.

    OMFG DUDE that is the best super buu model ive seen. i only have 1 problome tho and thats the belt, give the band more cuvature and make the buckle a bit bigger. also will there be a 1.2 release for this model? dang i wish someone would make a thread whith links to all 1.2 models so we...
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    for the love of god someone please help me

    man its just like me to lose all the cd keys of my half life games except blue shift. anyone have a solution or can send me an email whith a half life cd key for a hl game that supports mods. someone please help man from 1 esf fan to another :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Rock Lee!

    its pretty good man keep goin :yes:
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    a 1.2 advanced melee guide

    i think someone should make a complete guide to 1.2 melee becouse there are alot of questions about melee that are being asked. i guess to some people the manual seems a little confuseing. im srry if this has bin asked before(i dont know if it hase or not) but i think if someone did this it...
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    PFFFFFFFFFFT pffffft pfft pfft hey man wach the slobber id like to know how is naruto like dbz?? :p i see no connection what so ever except there is fighting *slaps wangster in the face wit a fish* silly wangster tricks are for kids *gives wangster a cookie*
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    Release Party

    wont there be like hundreds of people at the party?? how are u gona be able to answer all those questions?
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    naruto is nothin like dragonballz. imo its a million times better(and dbz has bin my favorite anime since i was three and i am now 16 and now naruto is definatly my favorite) and there is even a bunch of mods of naruto(
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    it looks like you guys have made some great progress from 1.1 in many aspects of gameplay due to your hard work and almost looks as if esf is starting to become a hole new different game.i would like to know exactly what new things besides from the new melee system are planned and...
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    iv tried but still not workin

    ok when i install esf it wont apear on my steam games list, and when i try to launch it through the icon on me desktop it takes me to cs whith the console open.also i tried installing it into halflife and it still wasnt on the games list,sooo i tried launching it wit the icon and it said it...
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    during melee

    during melee when someone lands a hit or a couple of hits do the 2 ppl start to shift back and forth as hits land? i think this would be pretty cool to watch(as if it wasnt cool enough already)
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    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be??

    i think it should stay the way it is(but thats just me)i like the idea of long fights becouse u never know the outcome if your enemy is the same lvl or higher than you.
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    Adjust Starting Power Level

    i think you fly to slow in esf. well anyway that is just what i think
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    DANGIT i am srry for being an a** hole and not checking the stickies.i always do that i am sorry dudes
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    what programs would you modelers out there recomend for a begginer.i want to make high quality models if i get good enuff.also how much math is involved in modeling cuzz.. umm..errr ya ok if you can supply a link to were to get a good program it would be greatly apreciated thnx from pee...
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    new charac downloads

    :cry: i didnt want to make a new thread so i just posted on this one. i downloaded the mystic gohan pack from redsayein and i want to know how to install the sound and eveything can anyone help meh? o_o o_o :cry:
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    forum server?

    has this ever bin done,makeing a server and have all the ppl from this forum join i mean.i dont think i have played whith alot of ppl from the forums.i know i just played whith pain recently(srry for makeing you kill yourself whith your big bang) so il make a server if anyone is interested. il...