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    Damn, 10 threads with the same subject...
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    Israeli esf'ers

    Theres a big esf israeli community on אבל למה לא רעיון מגניב, אם אתה צריך עזרה במשהו שלח הודעה פרטית.
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    It doesn't work on 1.2.. so if you play 1.1 you can download it from here
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    Free 1gb email!

    not google... an israeli website "walla" (realy known website in israel) is offering 1gb email for free. enjoy.
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    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    נירית? באיזה חור זה ? לול
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    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    I live in Israel, Ashdod..
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    I got gmail :o

    I think it's just with memory cards...
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    goodbye won..... It's realy easy to install... people are just lazy..
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    I got gmail :o

    In israel theres a website that offers 1gb for free too..
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    goodbye won.....

    Some guys from the CS Revolution make a cs 1.5 that work on steam.. check it out here
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    How many people still play 1.2

    ChaosPriest, i didn't play with 1.1 on the net, just with 1.2 .. and i got realy bored after couple of weeks...
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    How many people still play 1.2

    I stopped playing in 1.2 .. I didn't like the meele, and the game is slower than 1.1.. maybe i'll play again in 1.3 ...
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    Oh noes! My Steam engine exploded :-(

    c:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\username\half-life\ put it there..
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    EEA Models..

    Hey, I realy liked the models of eea.. Shijing converted the frieza model 4 model, and i just wanted to know, anyone planing to convert the rest of the models of eea ? I realy liked their Goku.. tnx in advance.
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    Pimp Your Desk

    Wow Mr. Satan, I like your room.. Can I live with you?
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    Pimp Your Desk

    On a chair .. I just moved it so you could see the whole room.
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    Pimp Your Desk

    This is mine.. nothing special..
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    Tien for 1.3?

    Not from Goku, it was from Master Roshi.
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    The best speed you can get on emule is 20kb... I'm using Bittorrent, the best p2p software ever... Or if you feel like no sharing just get what you want from mirc...
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    CC Trunks W.I.P

    Very Nice, I can't wait to see your ssj/ussj trunks...