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    Piccolo transformations

    hey, piccolo's current trans is: Namek - super Namek. How about adding his cape to both of those? and as well, piccolo only because a super Namek once? when he does a fussion with Commy, right? he can undo the fussion, and fuss again. how about this instead. Piccolo With Turban and cape...
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    mp3 volume

    hiii i know i asked for this last time, before beta 1 attually but.... are we going to get a volume control for esf mp3 player plz... it's not nice when u can't hear u own music over the screams, and the balls, and the blasts ( i think anyway....)
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    My New Sig - Crits PLZ!!!

    hi yo yo - new sig, crits plz
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    bail in bs

    hey all, just watching dbz - majin vegetyea, goku fight for those whos memories scetchy. Vegeta shoots a generic beam @ non sjj goku and goku if force to bail because his getting owned. well, you want it in esF??
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    aim weak swatted items

    right now there are only two things that can happen when you block. -swat them, or block stuggle. What i would like to see is a 3rd thing that could happen. e.g. - taken in consistancy with the current system. Vegeta Final flash: Block stuggle. Big Band: swatted (not aimed) Ki...
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    vegeta goku sig, crits plz

    hey all, this is only my 2nd sig that i made all by myself, so, what ya think?? i'm having a bit of trouble with the text, i think it looks funny
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    update, vegeta-goku sig, crit plz

    hey yo yo yo update, i did what ya said, tried to make it smaller. i'm not sure about the font though
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    swatting melee

    Hey d'ho, I was just thinking about melee and all, and i was thinking bout dbz - Krillen in particular. Krillen is usually the weaker of the chars in dbz, and when he goes to melee he always gets swatted away. Can ya put it in, so if a character goes up to melee you, (and your...
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    avatar res help

    hey, i'm looking to make my own avatar, i've got all the pics lined up and Everything! i just need to know the res, and i've looked in artworkm and sigs and can't find it help anyone?
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    Vegeta Goku sig, - Crits plz

    yo yo, my lastest sig to date what do u think?
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    Dust after a large explosion?

    What I Really want to see is dust after a particularly large explosion - like in the series, adding a huge series feel, and boosting game play, and another reasons to block:]
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    buu regen too slow

    buu regen is slow slow, you get so little over so much time it's more or less, ussless.
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    volume control for esf mo3 player

    hey yo, some of the sounds are louder than others, and if u have music u want to listen to its hard when your powering up, or turbo, and its even worse if the music is soft. For beta 1.1, or when ever possible. and you chuck a volume control for the esf mp3 player. ta
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    hows this sig? >crit plz

    hmm hmm?
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    my firsy sig !

    hi all, this is my first sig i EVER made, so i'd like some crit on it, and some help!
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    earth league; whast that again?

    hi yo, i was just wonder what earth leauge was, i think it's at least 6 months since i checked the web page. do you/ can u do anythign to the server side? is it like stasme for esf??
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    Buu's Regen

    hi hi, With Buu's regen, and the amout of health he has; it takes forever to recover a decent amount to is actually usfull, plus the whole time your a sitting duck. Can you Make Buu's Regen twice as fast or if your worried about the game-play, have them with bursts, and a yell @ the start...
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    your mp3 player

    hey yo, i was just wondering if you could chuck a volume control on the mp3 player for the next version, for the music only of course. It's kinda gets annyoing when your favirote song get intreupted by loud, off key, out of time, ki blasts;)
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    new known beta bug

    when two people wish at the same time on capture the dragon ball mode, and i know you don't wanna hear about it seeing as it's experamently and stuff, but i hadn't seen it on any of the sticks so here it is!
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    idea for the advance meele system in later versions

    hey yo, Your pl based on the attackers pl, if it's higher, how much higher, lower, how low ect. If your pl if a lot higher than their, they hold their attack button (left mouse), you hold your block button, you block them all, and you press attack2 (right mouse) to counter. If your pl is...