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    Somethin Neo made

    if you want to use this give proper credit, he made this from scratch, but he got banned from esf for some reason, so he wanted you guys to see this! whatcha think?
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    Since I'm now done with it

    hm, i like the animation, but yah, im not really likin the BG 8/10
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    My new sig :)

    i like it, zymic?
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    Sig Request, Please

    hmm, good, but theres white specs in the corner, that really caught my eye
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    Animated Naruto Sig

    yah, thats naruto allright, how could he not see that?
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    Animated Naruto Sig

    i say u use that 1 and not the blue 1 u have now! OMG i love it, thats the best sig i have seen you make EVER! 100000000000/10
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    need crits on sig

    10/10 nothin more to be said....
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    Riddle me this?

    i would have to say, Saddam Husain
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    geji-maru sig

    I LOVE THE ANIMATION! but theres like a purple strip right above the green, bah, it ruins it
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    Riddle me this?

    the answer to OP's is Langauge and god damit how the hell did u get that so fast
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    Riddle me this?

    ok every 1 post therr favorite riddle :) mine: what is greater than god, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it u die?
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    fine, then the topic of the comp is, Anyhting u want, also, we need judges for this comp
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    allright, i say we have a 2v2 sig makin comp, this is how it works, 2 teams of 2 will both work on a sig jointly (sending psd back and forth) until they are happy with the final product! also the theme should be naruto.
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    avator and SIG?

    your sig dosent work, RED X BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anyone want an X-box sig?

    oooooo, i disagreee with all of you i really like it, i dont want the sig but maybe you could animate some things for me :) GJ! 9/10
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    3 animated sigs

    i had the ulead trial :) but it ran out, and all i could firugre out hoto do text :(
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    tom penny

    weeeeeeeeee were all skaters here, lol i had a blind, didnt have any pop
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    tom penny

    LOL i have had like 4 FLiP boards, there awsme
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    New Member

    WELOCME to the forums
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    tom penny

    i had an element fiberlight, snapped after 2 days :(